Tomato Coconut Chutney: Traditional South-Indian Side Dish

South Indian cuisine is a perennial favourite of many, whether they are children or adults. It is not only wholesome and filling, but it is also easy on the stomach. Idli is a favourite dish of many when it comes to south Indian cuisine. The perfect way to start the day is with some steaming hot sambar and some steaming hot idlis. Chutneys, which are typically served alongside this fluffy treat, are what enhance the culinary experience. South Indian cuisine is at its best when coupled with coconut, coriander, mint, and tomato chutneys. The intriguing thing about these chutneys is that while they are all made with coconut, each one has a distinctive flavour that enhances the flavour of the divine south Indian delicacies.

A simple chutney made of onion, tomato, coriander, curry, and coconut is called tomato chutney with coconut. Idli, dosa, pongal, chapati, and other tiffin foods pair well with this chutney as a side dish. It goes well with toast as well. If your pantry is lacking in tomatoes or onions, you can add coconut to the chutney to make more of it. Following this simple recipe with step-by-step photos, we will learn how to prepare tomato chutney with coconut/thakkali thengai chutney today.


    1 tsp- Oil 

    1 cup- Tomato chopped 

    few- Curry leaves 

    3 to 4 nos.- Red chillies (or ripened green chillies) 

    3/4 tsp- Salt 

    1/2 cup- Coconut grated 

    small piece- Jaggery 

    1/4 tsp- Asafoetida 

    1/4 cup- Water

Method for Preparation:

    Take one tablespoon of oil in a pan, let it warm.

    Add one cup of chopped tomatoes, few curry leaves, ¾ spoon of salt, add 3-4 red chippies or ripened green chillies and roast all on a medium flame.

    After sautéing for few minutes, when the tomato turns mushy add ½ cup of fresh grated coconut to it. Continue roasting for few more minutes.

    Now, switch off the flame and keep this aside for few minutes to let it cool.

    Transfer all the ingredients to a mixer grinder, add ¼ tablespoon of asafetida, smallest piece of jaggery and grind finely.

    The Tomato-Coconut Chutney is ready to serve.

Chutneys are basically condiments that are prepared differently in each south Indian family. This Tomato-Coconut Chutney is mainly the go to Chutney on weekends or with breakfasts as well.

The people around South-Indian states especially keep this chutney as a complimentary side dish in their homes.