Tom and Jerry is a traditional Christmas time cocktail in the United States. The British writer, Pierce Egan is credited for discovering this drink. The drink is a popular variant of eggnog that is blended with brandy and rum, then gracefully served hot in either a big mug or a bowl. As mentioned, the roots of this iconic Christmas cocktail goes back to the England of1820. This drink’s name is a reference to Egan's book and the subsequent stage play, Tom and Jerry or Life in London. To publicize his book and play, he introduced this popular eggnog variant by mixing it with extra ingredients and then named it ‘Tom and Jerry. This drink was greatly admired by US President, Warren G. Harding. He made each of his Christmas parties a hit by serving this cocktail to his closest friends and other guests. Soon after, the drink soon came to be associated with Christmas and turned into an ultimate Christmas drink. The mid-19th century was when this drink was at the peak of its popularity among Americans. In fact, it became so popular that at one point, many people began to believe that Christmas was only an excuse to sip a warming glass of Tom and Jerry. Let's bring back this old-fashioned drink and get ready to make your Christmas party a hit by introducing this delightful cocktail on the menu. Here are the steps for making it at home. 


  • 2-3 egg whites
  • 30ml brandy
  • 30ml rum
  • Powdered sugar as per taste 
  • 30ml hot milk


  • Take a bowl and break the eggs into it. Beat the egg whites until stiff. 
  • Mix the egg yolk mixture with powdered sugar.
  • Now take a cup and add a spoonful of egg whites into it, along with brandy and rum. Mix everything well.
  • Now fold in some egg whites and then add hot milk. Top it off with the remaining mixture of egg whites.
  • Mix and stir gently to fold in the egg whites. 
  • Your drink is ready. Serve it after topping off with nutmeg.

Don’t let anything dampen your Christmas cheer so embrace the spirit of joy by sipping on this splendid cocktail.