Your Guide To The Best Chai Places In Delhi-NCR For Breakfast
Image Credit: You'll get your daily dose of chai at these places in Delhi.

The fact that India is a chai-loving nation is no stranger to us. The small tea stalls at every nook and corner of the country along with beautifully-designed tea rooms and tea houses in posh locations, the tea affair is a rather sentimental one. You’ll find people sipping from their cups early morning, late afternoon, during sunset and sometimes, late night too. Another factor that fuels this passion is the variety of tea that is available to us. You’ll find hot and cold (iced) tea, sweet and salty tea, masala chai, black tea and several foreign tea preparations too like Turkish tea. 

For a lot of tea drinkers, the mornings start only when they find a good cup of tea in their hands. Imagine how a simple beverage can make or break the mood of a person. Isn’t it fascinating? The word chai, for the unversed, isn’t of Indian origin though. It comes from the Persian chay and is closer to the Chinese cha. Did you know that tea holds so much importance in Japan that they have a special tea drinking ceremony too? 

The chai lover in you must be thirsty for a cup of hot tea by now. So here are some of the best chai places in Delhi-NCR that you just cannot miss. Since you’re having tea, we’ll tell you some good breakfast options with it too. 

1.  Cha Bar 

Located in the heart of South Delhi, Cha Bar is for all those who want to have their chai in peace. Adjacent to the Oxford Bookstore, it is hardly possible for a book lover to not be drawn to the aroma of tea or vice-versa. Revel in the fantasy world with their in-house library while sipping cardamom tea. Or catch up with friends over a glass of passion fruit iced tea. The tea menu is quite elaborate so you can try a new one on each visit. Pair them with a cha toast (butter-coated slice) or a summer cucumber with feta cheese sandwich. 

Where: N-81, Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place, New Delhi (Multiple outlets) 

Cost For Two: INR 600

Source: Cha Bar/Instagram

2.  The Chai Story 

How about brewing a cup of tea while your story gets brewed on your laptop screens? The work from home scenario has locked us in the four walls of the house. It is time to step out and let the creative juices flow and Chai Story would be the perfect place for that. From Kashmiri Kahwa to Moroccan Mint and the soothing Early Grey, you’d be spoilt for choice. In case you feel like nibbling on a small bite, you can always opt for a bun maska, masala omlette, vada pao or simply, a buttered toast. 

Where: 37, South Square Mall, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi (Multiple Outlets)

Cost For Two: INR 500

Source: The Chai Story/Instagram

3.  Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge 

Who can do chai better than the experts themselves, right? A café and tea lounge concept introduced by Wagh Bakri, a popular Indian tea brand, this place has the ultimate desi blends that you’ve been searching for. The hot sips that are a must-try are the Elaichi tea, Sulemani tea and Gud ki kulhad chai. You’ll find the typical masala chai too here. And there are no dearth of options when it comes to breakfast, from samosa, bun makhhan and vada pav to sandwiches, they have it all. 

Where: C 21, Safdarjung Development Area, SDA, New Delhi (Multiple Outlets)

Cost For Two: INR 300

Source: Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge/Instagram 

4.  Tpot Café 

A pocket-friendly chai spot that can be your next adda is Tpot Café. With decently-done interiors and a tapri vibe, this tea café has all that you need. From your desi chais like masala, kadak, laung, cardamom and ginger, to special ones like hibiscus, Jasmine and Chinese tea, you will be spoilt for choice. Opt for a light bun maska, a filling bread omlette or a delicious Tpot special maggi depending on your mood. 

Where: 184, Modelama, Phase 1, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon (Multiple Outlets)

Cost For Two: INR 450

Source: Tpot Cafe/Instagram