4 Tips To Keep In Mind While Cleaning The Kitchen
Image Credit: How To Keep Clean The Kitchen (gettyimages)

Although it is essential to keep the whole house clean to stay healthy, the kitchen is one place that is directly related to our health. So, if the kitchen is dirty, it is bound to impact our food and overall well-being. Generally, we work very hard in the kitchen while spending a lot of time cleaning it. But even after all the efforts and hard work, does your kitchen remain dirty? Maybe, you are making some mistakes while doing it. Fret not. Today, this article will tell you about the errors you need to avoid while cleaning your kitchen.

  • Avoiding uncleaned reusable bags is a huge mistake that hardly goes unnoticed. People use reusable bags to buy their kitchen items but do not focus on cleaning them. But by repeatedly storing groceries, meat products and other food items, they become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In such a situation, one of the best ways to avoid spreading bacteria in the kitchen is to clean them thoroughly. Also, keep in mind that after every use of these bags, you put them in a washing machine or boiling water to clean and disinfect; use an anti-bacterial multipurpose spray; make sure you only use the bag for your groceries and try to keep a separate bag for meat products. 
  • Avoid using the same cloth to clean different surfaces: Cleaning other surfaces with the same fabric is one of the worst mistakes made while cleaning the kitchen. Cleaning different textures with the same material makes your kitchen even dirtier, spreading the bacteria from place to place. Therefore, you should use different clothes to clean the kitchen countertop and wipe the utensils after washing them respectively. At the same time, you should clean the kitchen clothes regularly to have no dirt and smell left in them.

  • Do not leave the sink dirty: If we talk about the most polluted places in the kitchen, it has to be the sink first. Used utensils are always kept in the sink, causing the dirt, moisture and bacteria to grow. In addition, due to the remaining food particles, there is always a smell around the sink. Hence, it would be better if you tried to keep the sink clean. Use a multipurpose anti-bacterial spray, clean the entire faucet, and regularly plug the hole and washing bowl.
  • Clean the kitchen appliances regularly: This is also a common mistake we often repeat. For example, it is seen that after using the blender or coffee machine in the kitchen, we do not consider it necessary to clean them thoroughly. In such a situation, bacteria accumulate on these appliances. It would be better to open the appliance once every 15-20 days and clean it from the inside.