Mayonnaise To Butter: Easy Tips To Check Your Food's Quality
Image Credit: Check Your Food's Quality

Do you check food quality before consumption? If not, then start it now, as you need to be extra careful with food items. Don't fill your belly with erratic foods without checking their quality. Nowadays, several foods are infused with synthetic colours to taste and look good. While buying, you might not be able to check, but when you get them home, you should recheck if they are safe for consumption or not. Now the question is, how? Try some easy tips and tricks to check whether some of the foods we use almost every day are safe or not.

Mayonnaise (Dressing)

Mayonnaise is added to many of your meals, including sandwiches and burgers. But do you know this dressing can have dangerous synthetic ingredients too? However, you can detect it by putting some iodine on it. If the colour turns purple, it is hazardous to consume. But it is safe to have if the colour becomes yellow.

Paneer (Cottage cheese)

Can you check the paneer's quality? Yes, why not? First, you have to check whether your paneer has starch or not. Then, drop iodine in the paneer, and if it turns blue, it means it is starchy. On the other hand, if it changes to brown or yellow, it is good to consume.

Honey (Sweetener)

Do you know that honey can be unsafe too? How to check if it is original or not? First, add one tbsp of honey to a glassful of chilled water. Now in an anti-clockwise direction, whirl the glass. If the honey is unnatural and has sugar syrup, then it will dissolve.


Apple is a healthy fruit, but not the one that is covered with thick wax layers. Several vendors coat the apples in wax to deter them from looking spoiled or rotten and make them look polished. Although you will often notice that exceptional shine on apples, beware, it can be harmful. Firstly, we recommend not to eat these apples, but if you are, then wash them with warm water before consuming them. 

Butter (Dairy product)

Another common ingredient in our kitchen, butter, is used in a lot of recipes. But how to check whether is it safe or not? Put a cube of butter in a glassful of warm water. Mix it well and check if it diffuses in water. If it dissolves, you can consume this butter as it is safe. But if the butter gets bumpy in water, then it isn’t. This is because it has synthetic components, and you avoid consuming them.