Tips To Add Pickles To Vodka, Gin & Tequila Cocktails

The impact of pickled additions to cocktails aren’t taken into consideration to give credit, as often as is necessary. If you’re a fan of a vodka-based Gibson garnished with pickled onions on a stick, or simply enjoy the spiky heat of pickled jalapenos in your margarita, adding these minor touches can significantly impact the taste and flavour of a cocktail. Whether your preference is vodka, gin or tequila, adding pickled condiments aren’t just an unorthodox way to spruce up a drink, but also enhance the flavours of your spirit. Delve into the world of pickled delights and explore the best pairings for each spirit, using this how-to guide.

For Vodka

Image Credits: Mezzetta

Considered to be one of the best bases for a variety of drinks, pairing pickled ingredients with vodka can elevate the flavours of the otherwise neutral spirit. Think of a vodka martini – where you could easily switch things up by throwing in a couple of pickled onions into the mix. The briny, tangy kick of the pickled onion as well as its crunch contributes great texture and taste, playing beautifully with the clean taste of vodka, creating a lovely contrast that will redefine your martini experience. Similarly, have a jar of spicy bread-and-butter pickles to add a sharp, zingy element to your vodka Collins, or a few slices of pickled jalapenos to a Moscow mule and enliven your drink.

For Gin

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This lovely spirit made from juniper berries echoes the whispers of botanicals, and pair greatly with most pickled condiments. Work your own twist on a quintessential G&T using a few small bits of pickled capers or green peppercorns. The subtle tang, coupled with the heat or salinity of these ingredients produce a completely different drink experience, which captures the essence of the classic with a modern interpretation. If this is something that might seem a bit too intense for your liking, transform a negroni by muddling a few pickled orange slices, to infuse its sweet and tangy notes and balance the bitterness of the Campari.

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For Tequila

How is a fun, lively party with friends complete without a bottle of tequila for company! Spend taco Tuesdays with guacamole and margaritas that are perfect with pickled jalapenos thrown into the mix, along with a rim that has been coated with pickle brine and tajin. Since summers are fast-approaching, don’t deprive yourself of a seasonal drink and add some pickled mango to enhance the sweet flavours of your tequila sunrise cocktail. The combination of sweet and tangy is an excellent way to relish the otherwise fruity concoction. Be daring with your choices and add a tiny bundle of pickled asparagus dipped into your bloody Maria, instead of a celery stick.