Time To Glam Up Your Kitchen With These 5 Items
Image Credit: Glam Up Your Kitchen With These 5 Items

The kitchen reflects your personality and priorities. When the kitchen looks unmanaged with unaligned tablewares, boring crockery sets directly influence your personality and behavior. So kick out the boring items and get a makeover for your kitchen. Here are simple tips to glam up your kitchen without burning a hole in your pockets! 

1. Grow Kitchen Garden Herbs 

Burst the vibrancy of colors by adding this mall to the kitchen window. Do you know this can regulate fresh air in your home? Kitchen garden plants give a notch to your mood and help you spend more time in the kitchen. Some plants that can be super easy to grow in your kitchen garden are- mint, basil, lemongrass, chilies, and tomatoes. Putting them in colorful pots can also be part of your kitchen makeover.

2. Go Aesthetic On Crockery Sets

Choose a dinner set in pastel, earthy or bright color. Keep a collection of ceramic sets as it enhances the appeal of dishes and enriches the overall dining experience. After all, it is, “presentation is the key, as it leaves a long-lasting impression on your guest too”. 

3. Pop Up Your Wall Colors

Colors play an influential role in the kitchen. Go with eye-catching geometric designs or neutral colors with bright photo frames. Use the space or wall to scribble your recipes, shopping list, menu, to-do list, or even food sketches. These all elements add a personal touch to your kitchen. 

4. Hook Space On the Wall

Many people face space constraints in the kitchen. A recommended way is to put some hooks and hang stackable things. For example, hanging mugs, pans, or spatulas can save extra space for cabinets.

5. Light Statement 

A table lamp can add a style statement to your kitchen. Mount blinds give layering and a functional appeal by adding drama and style to the kitchen. 

Renovate your kitchen with these minimalist items and make it your favorite space!