Tilkut Chutney: An Aromatic And Tasty Accompaniment
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Maharashtrian chutneys are famous for their range and taste. The chutneys are easy to make, often spicy, and are eaten as an accompaniment in meals. The chutneys are not only tasty, but also healthy and make for quick, light meals. The spicy and savoury Tilkut Chutney is one such example. It is a unique accompaniment, savoured in Maharashtrian households either with bhakri or roti. Besides, it takes no time at all to prepare this recipe.

Tilkut Chutney can be stored in a glass bottle and eaten over two to three weeks as well. The mixture comprises roasted powdered black sesame seeds or black til, roasted powdered dry red chili powder, garlic paste, and salt. All these ingredients are mixed well together by hand, rendering a lovely mix of brown and red colour. The Tilkut Chutney is quite spicy but if you want to lessen the spice content then add only a few dry red chilis. You can add about four to five instead of 10 to 12 dry red chilis. Sometimes, powdered coconut is added to the Tilkut Chutney to add to the texture by making it crunchier and offsetting the red chili powder's spiciness. Coriander powder is also used to make the chutney more flavourful. 

Health benefits

Black sesame seed has a nice aroma, as compared to white sesame seeds, and it also has a number of health benefits. It is a good source of calcium and is high in dietary fibre, which is good to control both blood sugar and cholesterol. It also contains protein and gives a boost of energy. So Tilkut Chutney is both tasty and healthy. Besides, Tilkut Chutney is primarily eaten during winters as it provides heat. 

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1. 1/2 cup black sesame seeds or black til

2. 6-7 dry red chilis 

3. 18-20 peeled garlic clove 

4. Salt as per taste preference 


1. Add half cup black sesame seeds or black til  in a pan and roast it for two minutes on low to medium flame

2. Transfer the roasted black sesame seeds to a plate and wait till it cools down

3. After it cools down, in a mixie grind the roasted black sesame seeds into a coarse powder 

4. In a pan, add the dry red chilis and roast it for two minutes on low to medium flame

5. Grind the roasted dry red chilis in a mixie to make a red chili powder 

6. Mix the powdered black sesame seeds and dry red chili powder together 

7. Grind the garlic cloves in a mixie and add it to the black sesame seeds powder and dry red chilli powder mixture, mix all the ingredients together well, using your hand

8. Add salt as per taste preference, and mix the ingredients well together 

9. Serve the Tilkut Chutney with roti for a light meal or it can be added to curd rice to spice it up.