Tikki To Paratha: 8 Dishes You Can Make With Boiled Potatoes
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Indian households are known for their resourcefulness in the kitchen, where hardly anything goes to waste unless it's spoiled. Leftover food like rice, roti, sabji, or dal always finds a way to transform itself into a new and delicious dish for the next meal. A bowl of dal can easily become hot parathas, and simple chapati can be magically turned into tasty tacos, seamlessly re-purposing these ingredients.

Likewise, there are several dishes that you can easily make with leftover boiled potatoes. Sometimes, we boil too many potatoes and do not know what to do with them. But aloo goes with anything and everything, so there are infinite options as to how many new dishes you can make with them. Here are eight of those options that you can try out:

Aloo Tikki:

Recipe - MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria

Leftover boiled potatoes can be transformed into delicious aloo tikki within minutes. Mashed with a little rice flour and spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, and red chilli powder, these potato tikkis are pan-fried to a crisp, golden perfection, making for a popular snack. You can make burgers out of these tikkis, or serve them with chopped onions, dahi, and fresh coriander leaves to make tikki chaat as well.

Aloo Paratha:

Boiled aloo mixture shines again, this time as a filling for aloo paratha. Just mash your leftover aloo with very finely chopped onion and chillies, as well as red chilli powder, amchur powder, cumin-coriander, and some mango pickle oil. This mixture is rolled inside whole-wheat dough and cooked on a tawa with ghee, which is one of India’s favourite breakfasts.

Bombay Sandwich:

In this spicy, tangy, and super easy dish, leftover boiled potatoes are mashed and combined with chutneys, veggies, and, in some versions, cheese, creating a Bombay sandwich filling that has the power to appease all your taste buds. It's assembled into bread slices and toasted with butter. Then, these potato-filled sandwiches are served with some crispy sev to give the dish a crunch.

Aloo-Baingan Chokha:

If you have leftover aloo and are in the mood for some regional Desi flavours to pair with your rice or paratha, this aloo choha might be the easiest solution. Aloo and eggplant come together in this spicy Bihari dish, aloo-baingan chokha. Mashed boiled potatoes are mixed with roasted eggplant and charred tomatoes, creating a smoky, delicious side dish that is usually served with sattu parth or litti in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Potato Salad:

Recipe - Brian Lagerstrom

If continental food entices you, we have this magical potato salad that you would absolutely love. Diced leftover boiled potatoes are combined with creamy mayonnaise, mustard, and herbs like oregano, thyme, and parsley to craft a classic and satisfying potato salad. This is a great dish for those nights when you do not wish to put in a lot of effort for dinner.

Potato and Egg Scramble:

If you want to make your breakfast fun and interesting, this scramble is just the dish for you. Leftover boiled potatoes from your dinner can join forces with fresh scrambled eggs in this hearty dish. The addition of cheese and some paprika can elevate this scramble to a breakfast option that you will keep going back to.

Aloo Tamatar Sabji:

A lot has been said about salads and sandwiches; let us get back to our beloved Desi food, whose comfort no one can match. To make aloo tamatar ki sabji, leftover boiled potatoes are slightly tossed with jeera. Then, a light gravy is made using tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, and basic spices like turmeric, hing, and coriander. This comforting sabji is usually paired with hot puri and kachori.

Aloo Ko Chutney:

Aloo ko chutney, or Gorkhali chutney, is a regional delicacy that should make it to every foodie’s plate. This potato salad made with sesame and coriander seed paste is a spicy delight waiting to explode in your mouth. Tomatoes, onions, and a splash of lemon make it a refreshing dish to pair with your main course. It is traditionally served with sel roti.