Thogayal: Try These 5 Varieties Of This South Indian Side Dish

Thogayal or Thuvayal, from Tamil Nadu, is a South Indian side dish that has a coarse texture. This condiment is a type of chutney that is ground with various ingredients, including grated coconut, lentils, tamarind, and spices. The semi-coarse consistency of thogayal adds a bite to the meal when accompanied by rice, idli, dosa, and even roti for its unique flavours, texture, and taste.

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One of the advantages of thogayal is its long shelf life due to the ingredients used and the preparation style that preserves it well for a longer period as compared to fresh chutneys that perish in a day or two. Also, storing thogayal in an airtight container extends the shelf life of the condiment, making it an easy-to-use meal option.

The variants of this condiment are called “pachadi” in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, respectively. It is called “chitranna chutney” in Karnataka and “chammandi” or “chammanthi” in Kerala. Despite their differences in names, the preparation methods used to create this flavourful condiment with the base ingredients are similar.  

If you want a quick mix of rice for lunch, prepare these thogayals and make your life easy. It is also essential to note that it is an easy-to-make, rich, aromatic, and flavourful dish. Here are the 5 varieties that make the thogayal a must-try with your meals:

Coconut Thogayal:

The coconut thogayal is one of the most flavourful thogayals for its distinctive and earthy taste. Ingredients like grated coconut, roasted lentils like urad dal or chana dal, mustard, tamarind, asafoetida, curry leaves, salt, and oil are needed to make this condiment. The main ingredient, coconut’s creamy and mild sweetness, marries effortlessly with flavours of roasted lentils, tangy tamarind, and spicy green or red chillies.

Sometimes, roasted peanuts are also added for the richness of the thogayal. Everything is ground together until it achieves a coarse or semi-coarse consistency. After grinding, the contents should be tempered with mustard and curry leaves. It is best served with hot idli and dosa for its nutty flavours of coconut and lentils.


Mint Thogayal:

Mint thogayal is a refreshing condiment made with fresh mint leaves, roasted urad dal, channa dal, tamarind, curry leaves, oil, salt, and green chillies. All these ingredients are ground together to form a coarse mixture. The fresh, zesty, and invigorating flavour of mint is balanced well with mild spices, making it a perfect accompaniment for steamed rice, dosa, idli, and chapati. 

Tomato Thogayal:

This condiment is a treat for anyone who loves the tanginess of the tomato. It is made with tomato, oil, mustard, grated coconut, urad dal and toor dal, red chillies, and salt. The chopped tomato, tamarind juice, asafoetida, and salt are added to the sauteed lentil and coconut.

All the ingredients are ground until they are coarse in consistency. The thogayal is then topped with the delightful flavour of tempering the mustard seeds, curry leaves, and broken red chillies.  It is best served as an accompaniment to hot white steamed rice, roti, idli, and dosa.

Paruppu Thogayal:

In Tamil, “paruppu” means dal or lentils. This dish is prepared by sautéing urad dal, toor dal, channa dal, moong dal, and red chillies with grated coconut, curry leaves, asafoetida, and mustard seed in oil on a low flame until it is golden in colour.

Then, the mix is transferred to a blender jar, tamarind is added, and the ingredients are ground until they achieve a coarse consistency. This is a delicious condiment if you crave nutty, tangy, aromatic, and earthy flavours. The best of this condiment can be experienced with white steamed rice, idly, and dosa.

Turkey Berry Thogayal:

Turkey Berry Thogayal, like any other condiment, has a unique flavour and taste. Ingredients like turkey berry, sesame oil, mustard, channa dal, cumin, tamarind, red chillies, curry leaves, chopped onions, moong dal, salt, and optional ghee. In a pan, turkey berries are roasted in sesame oil to reduce the bitterness of the berry.

After that, channa dal, red chilli, and finely chopped onions are roasted in the pan, and all the prepared ingredients are ground into a coarse paste. A tempering of mustard, curry leaves, red chillies, and moong dal is added to the thogayal. When it is served hot with white rice, the best of this condiment can be savoured.