This Zesty Orange Coconut Cake Is Perfect For The Festive Season

Diwali season is finally here and as we celebrate the festivities on October 24, 2022, with the utmost grandeur, we can’ t help but not think of all the feasting that comes with it. It is that time of the year when we go on a bingeing spree, keeping all our diet at bay. While the main day might be one, Diwali festivities begin a week before the day, and goes on till Bhai Dooj, which this year will be on October 26, 2022. It basically means you can feast for over a week! And Diwali feasting is no less than a wedding feast – from all sorts of sweets and desserts to drinks and appetisers, you just cannot escape the gastronomic adventure the festival brings with it. From chaat to chole bhature and biryani, the list of indulgences goes really long during Diwali.  

However, what remains on the top are sweets and desserts – a mainstay at every Diwali party and gifting. While the staples since years have been soan papdi and kaju katli, many of us have started to experiment and go fusion. So one can find ladoo cakes, barfi brownies, and much more. One ingredient that has found a lot of love during festivities is coconut. And no we aren’t talking about coconut ladoo, barfis or halwa but much beyond. After all, it’s all about fusion! 

So, if you are in a mood to experiment with coconut and also love zesty oranges in your sweet treats, we’ve got a recipe right here for you. Nutrition Dynamic Food's Diwali homemade recipe of Caramelized Zesty Orange Coconut Cake shall definitely make you feel tempted and will also preserve and make use of the orange skin. 


  • 1 cup desiccated coconut  
  • 1 tbsp melted ghee  
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder  
  • ½ cup sugar (fine powdered)  
  • 3 tbsp orange zest (grate the orange skin with the help of fine grater. Avoid the white part inside) Orange juice (as required, for binding) 
  • 1 tbsp milk cream (for garnishing)  
  • Fresh fruit pieces (For garnishing)


  • In a non-stick pan heat the ghee. Add orange zest to it and sauté it on low flame for 1 minute.  
  • Once the zest starts leaving its fragrance, add powdered sugar.  
  • When the sugar is caramelized, add desiccated coconut powder, coco powder. Mix it and if it does not bind add little of orange juice.  
  • Take a cake tin and layer it. Keep it refrigerated for about 20 minutes.  
  • Remove the cake from tin. Best way to remove cake easily is to grease the tin before layering it with cake mix.  
  • Decorate this caramelized zesty orange coconut cake by pouring single cream on top and using desired fruit pieces.