This World Cocktail Day Delhi’s Best Mixologist Share Their Favourite Recipes
Image Credit: The First Sip by Ankit Ghawana Head mixologist Ivoryy and Aviary

Who doesn’t love a shaken stirred and well-done cocktail? From classic to contemporary the cocktail world has seen it all and is all evolving each day.  Simplicity and that perfect balance lie at the heart of their enduring cocktail. And yes with Instagram taking the forefront not only the cocktails are infused with floral flavors (like this lavender, Rose, Hibiscus) but flowers have also make it to the show stopper garnish at bars and restaurants.

Few of city’s mixologist share some of their best creations on this World Cocktails Day

Banging With Berries, By Joel Scholtens Lindsay, Liquid Chef & Mixologist, The Blue Bar, Taj Palace, New Delhi




    Gin 60ml

    Elder flower -25ml

    Campari- 5-10ml

    Lime juice-25ml


    Take a wine glass and pour ice in it to the chilled glass

    Add all ingredients Into the wine glass

    Stir the drink and top it up with mango soda.

    Garnish it with edible flowers and a dash of Angostura bitter

Charley’s Rum Punch Ajay Tomer, Mixologist at Grappa, Shangri-La Eros

Ingredients -

    Dark rum 60 ml

    Orange juice 45 ml

    Pineapple juice 45 ml

    Grenadine 5 ml

    Lemon juice 15 ml

    Nutmeg Powder 1 pinch

    Angostura bitter 2 dash

Method -

Shaken and served in tikki glass with ice