This World Cocktail Day Sip Some Derby Bird or Soul Reviver
Image Credit: Soul Reviver/ Fairmont Jaipur

Cocktails have been around for decades and yes with time they have innovated themselves and have become more chic and niche. Be it a spanning whisky, vodka, tequila, gin, rum or more, any good spirit base can make for a great cocktail. Mixing the drinks have always existed, though adding a hint od spice be it ginger or cinnamon was something new that’s the Greeks flavoured their wine with. And later, folks siply replaced the plain old ginger or pepper component of drinkable “cocktails” with bitters. And later moving forward “cocktail” saw many variations of the shaken and stirred boozy tipples as we see and sip today. And with time cocktails have seen different base alcohol to create something really interesting and vibrant.

It’s always good to enhance your shaking and stirring skills with these amazing cocktails 

Mixologist Aasim Patial – Fairmont Jaipur shares his favourite recipes

Soul Reviver

Based on the Corpse Reviver, a drink whose popularity soared with its appearance in The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930, this version is equally adept at livening up the mood. Blackberries and lemon juice provide a burst of sweet and sour, while a masterful mix of Botanist gin, Patron Silver, Cointreau, and white wine is poured into an absinthe rinse. If this doesn’t kick-start one’s heart, little else will.

Ingredients -

    3/4 Oz (22 1/2 Ml) The Botanist Islay Gin

    3/4 Oz (22 1/2 Ml) Patron Silver Tequila

    3/4 Oz (22 1/2 Ml) Cointreau

    3/4 Oz (22 1/2 Ml) White Wine

    1/4 Oz (7 1/2 Ml) Blackberry Syrup

    3/4 Oz (22 1/2 Ml) Lemon Juice

    Garnish Lemon Wheel


Combine Botanist Islay dry gin, patron silver, cointreau, white wine, lemon juice, blackberry syrup, and absinthe (For rinse) in a cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes until well chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with a lemon twist if desired.

Derby Bird

Watching the birds; flit about while sitting at the Aviary Bar, Kuala Lumpur was a moment in time, never to be repeated. The Jungle Bird was the bar’s signature cocktail and the inspiration behind this drink. Woodford Reserve bourbon happily pairs with Campari and orange and lemon juices for a cocktail that recalls the tiki kitsch of the 1970s, with a fresh and modern vibe.

    Fairmont Signature Recipe

    1 1/2 Oz (45 Ml) Woodford Reserve Bourbon

    3/4 Oz (22 1/2 Ml) Campari

    1/2 Oz (15 Ml) Simple Syrup (1:1)

    1/2 Oz (15 Ml) Lemon Juice

    1 1/2 Oz (45 Ml) Orange Juice

    Garnish Mint Sprig


    In a cocktail shaker fill half of ice 

    Then pour the Woodford reserve bourbon whiskey, Campari, orange and lime juices, and simple syrup 

    Then shake it vigorously

    Strain into a highball glass with lots of crushed ice, 

    Garnish the drink with a pineapple wedge adorned with fresh mint sprig.