This Wicket-Keeper Dosawala In Mumbai Is Amusing Netizens
Image Credit: | This Wicket-Keeper Dosawala In Mumbai Is Amusing Netizens

There is no dearth of interesting street foods in Mumbai. Let’s not forget it is the land that gave us Anda Ghotala and Jini Dosa. But in addition to food, sometimes you find many street food vendors who manage to captivate you almost as much as the food served. In one of their latest videos, Aamchi Mumbai, captured the ‘Wicket-Keeper Dosawala’. Don’t worry, you are not to find any real wicket or stumps or gloves in here. The peculiar nomenclature has a different reason altogether.  

The video has garnered more than 450k views so far. In the video, we see the owner of Muthu Dosa corner who can make multiple dosas together like a pro. This is the same dosawala who also got a shoutout on twitter from business tycoon Anand Mahindra for his deft skill. In this video too, he could be seen making 4 dosas together in a row. For the same, he lands the dosa batter on the tawa and then spreads it out using a bowl. Further, he polishes the dosa with butter. Then he proceeds to add carrots, onions, potatoes, salt and spices. After the masala is placed in the centre, he rolls up the dosa and swings it in the air, where a person is standing to catch it on a plate. Almost, as if he is ‘wicket-keeping' in a cricket game. This person catches every dosa that is flung in his direction from all distances. And it is indeed quite a sight to watch. In the video he can also be heard commenting that Anna hits the shot and his job is to successfully catch it. The mirthful banter between the two is also very delightful. They continue to make more dosas with different different kinds of masalas, some even involving a  special, spicy curry. And yet, none of the curry is spilled in between the unique ‘transfer’ of dosas.  

The comments section is buzzing with many reactions, most of which are filled with appreciation for the ‘catch’ and ‘throw’ that takes place between the two people on the stall.  

“The guy catching needs to improve his cricket skills its a very nice also into street food...and am impressed”, read a comment.  

“when you want to become cricketer, but became chef”, read another comment.  

“Oh we nevvver 'throw' food! But this brilliant man makes 'tossing' food seem so cool! And his 'partner is crime'..must be so tense to get the timing right! I want that dosa now!”, wrote another user who also sounded too tempted.  

Dosa is a crepe-like Indian dish that may or may not be stuffed. The crepe itself is made with a variety of batters. Sometimes, it could be rice-based, sometimes lentil-based. Here’s a recipe of Masala Dosa that you must try soon.