This Viral Hack To Keep A Meal Warm Is Winning The Internet
Image Credit: Worried about the cold boiled eggs? This hack would sort that.

If you are one of those people who cannot have their meal quick, who like to take their time, savour the food while watching TV or having discussions with friends or family, we know what a pain it is when the meal turns cold. And while you can always reheat, a lot of nutrients and flavour gets lost in the process. But fret not, a Reddit user has found an inexpensive hack to sort that for you. This hack can help keep your morning meal warm for a longer duration, preventing you the pain of reheating! But the best part is, it doesn't require any electricity,  or any special equipment. Upset about the butter on the toast turning hard and cold? This hack would keep your toast warm for more time too.

The Reddit user shared a unique hack to keep the boiled egg warm, the hack has gone viral ever since and had us thinking why we never came up with it. Boiled eggs with toast and a glass of juice or a cup of coffee is one of the most common breakfasts across the world. Turns out that using the hot water that remained in the vessel after boiling, under the eggs would help keeping it warm. The photograph in the post shows the boiled water and the vessel placed underneath the plate of toast and eggs to keep them warm. The user captioned the photo as, "Hot water you boiled the eggs in keeps plate hot through a slow breakfast." Take a look:

Many users were impressed and appreciated the method. “Now this is a lifehack! Thank you" said one. But some also cautioned against the risk of hot plate causing burn or pouring the water onto oneself accidentally. “No. Props for creativity, but this is just a burn hazard waiting to happen… for the person eating it or kids/pets running around the table,” said GiantGayGinger. Some also shared their own hacks as TheDevilsAdvokaat suggested "Before plating food, put the plate under a hot water tap and run till it's hot. Then dry it off and plate your food on it. If you don't do this, in winter your food goes cold real fast,”

There are many different ways to keep your food warm.

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