This Video Of A Vendor Dipping Hand In Boiling Oil Gone Viral
Image Credit: Street vendor making hot vada, Image Source: _veggie_bite_@ Instagram

The mind-blowing Indian street food never fails to impress us. The list is endless, be it the pani puri, bhajiya, pakode, vada pav or the range of chats. While indulging in them, we might not be aware of the painstaking process a small-time street food vendor goes through to make such munchies. Particularly standing in front of a hot oil kadai all day to prepare fritters is not an easy task. In the middle of all these, they occasionally pique our interest with their cooking methods. A similar incident occurred recently in Nashik when a woman grabbed the eyeballs while taking out vada pavs from the boiling oil with her hand. A video of her stunt has gone viral.

A couple of days ago, an Instagram food blogger named @_veggie_bite_ posted a video of a woman making vada for pavs. She divides a pav into two pieces. Then she spreads a big dollop of mashed potato mix and a slice of cheese onto it. The vendor then fries it in hot oil after dipping it in a chickpea flour batter. Later, she scoops the hot vadas out of the boiling oil with her bare hand.

Since this video was uploaded, it has garnered nealy 32K (32,000) likes and over 200 comments. While the lady is seen in the video smiling and not getting diverted much, her stunts with boiling oil have attracted mixed reactions from the netizens commenting on her cooking method.

Fried vadas, Image Credit: _veggie_bite_@ Instagram

Some hilarious trolls included comments: “Chammach be like - to kya mai ab job chhod du?” (Spoon is like, should I quit my work?) Another Instagram user stated, “I think we don't need all of this. There are many options for spoons in the market.”

"Itni bhi kya jaldi hai jo spoon ki jagah haath use kar rahe ho oil mein se nikalane ke liye (Why is she in such a rush that she must remove the food with her hands rather than a spoon?). Some questioned why not use the proper tools while it's within her access. "Why is she using her hands even after a tong there?"

Screenshot of the video, Image Source: _veggie_bite_@ Instagram 

Some fretted over the hygiene, and one commented. "Ma'am, please use gloves. Hygiene is important." Even the viral video received comments from all over the globe. One user wrote, “Why everything with the hands? Zero hygiene”, and another fretted saying, “no sanitary.”

A few on the other side are in awe of her talent and are pouring praises like, "I am more impressed by the woman picking vadas out of boiling oil with her bare hand.

Another commented, "I know people like some unique stuff. The sad truth is it won't be popular if you don't burn your hands. Lady, you are my hero."

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