This Vegan Salad By Chef Ranveer Brar Is A Wholesome Mix Of Flavours
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

More and more people are waking up to the need of a healthy life, now more than ever before. Be it to shed those extra pounds or just to strengthen the immunity, people are increasingly turning to light and healthier diet plans. And when we think of healthy, our mind instantly pictures fresh salads. Be it for lunch or dinner, there's always a salad to match your meal. After all they are versatile, healthy and full of greens; the best part is definitely how you can always add your own variations to the salad. Love spinach instead of bell pepper? Or the crunch of peanuts? A salad is always up to your own imagination. Not to forget the countless ways you can season it too. The healthy, filling and extremely delicious assortment of veggies and seasonings make for a perfect salad. Leafy green salads packed with fresh veggies, protein-packed grains and a range of flavours is how an ideal salad should be. If you are a vegan, looking for a wholesome salad, then worry not, we’ve got an option for you too.  

The month of January is celebrated a Veganuary and to commemorate the month, Chef Ranveer Brar has curated a string of vegan recipes just for you. Nutty Broccoli Salad is the perfect mix of wholesome broccoli, apples, crunchy almonds and refreshing lettuce. Add to it a flavourful dressing of strawberry syrup, lemon juice, orange zest and a tinge of black pepper. Here’s the full recipe. 

Image: Chef Ranveer Brar


For salad 

· 2 cups Broccoli, florets (blanched) 

· ½ cup apple, chopped 

· ½ tsp sea salt 

· ½ cup almonds / roasted 

· ¼ cup dried cranberries or raisins 

· 1 tbsp fresh dill, sprigs 

· ½ Iceberg lettuce 

For Dressing 

· ¼ cup Hershey's Strawberry Flavoured Syrup 

· 1 tbsp lemon juices 

· 1 orange zest 

· 1 tsp chilli flakes 

· Salt to taste 

· ½ tsp black pepper, crushed 

· 5 tbsp olive oil 


1. In a bowl add Hershey's Strawberry Flavoured Syrup, lemon juice, orange zest, salt, chili flakes black pepper, mix will, and olive oil. Keep this aside. 

2. Blanch chopped broccoli for 15 seconds. 

3. Soak it in in ice water. 

4. Next, chop some apples. Tear the lettuce leaves carefully. 

5. Chop some almonds. 

6. Now in another bowl add broccoli, apples, salt, almond, cranberries, dill, and ice. Mix and keep aside. 

7. When serving add the dressing to the broccoli mixture and toss salad together. 

8. The dish is now ready to be served.