This Vanilla Coffee Is A Wholesome Delight During Winter
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A beverage made from roasted coffee beans is called coffee. Coffee is a dark-coloured, bitter, and slightly acidic beverage that, mostly because of its caffeine content, has a stimulating impact on people. The world's most consumed hot beverage is this one. Unroasted green coffee beans are created by separating the seeds from the fruits of the Coffea plant. But sometimes we get bored of drinking the same old usual coffee without any exotic flavours. Vanilla coffee is something that tastes delicious and wholesome. Be it summer or winter, vanilla can never go wrong! It is the original and the basic flavour that comforts you like a soft hug.  With winter right around the corner, we crave something warm every day. Going to cafes every day might become a little harder on the pockets so here is a recipe for warm vanilla coffee that will keep you warm and comforted throughout the winter! If you want you can use a readymade coffee mix. This recipe is made from scratch and is sure to comfort you during the gloomy winter days!

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1. 1 cup milk

2. 2 tsp sugar

3. 1 tsp coffee powder

4. 1 tbsp hot water

5. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


1. Milk should be brought to a boil and then simmered for one minute. Then fill a jar with 2 to 3 tbsp of boiling milk. Close firmly.

2. Pour coffee powder into a basin. Pour in some boiling water. Mix well. To prepare a coffee decoction, you can also employ the conventional technique.

3. Pour boiled milk over this instantaneous concoction. Add some sugar. Mix well.

4. Add vanilla essence after that. Mix well. Now shake the milk-filled bottle to manually create froth. Even an electric coffee frother is one option.

5. It's time to serve: Add the froth after adding coffee until the cup is almost 3/4 full. Add coffee powder, then serve.

6. Serve this hot vanilla coffee with your favourite cookies!