This Trending Bahubali Samosa Weighing 3 Kilos Has Taken The Internet By Storm
Image Credit: YouTube @FOODY VISHAL

The internet is replete with street foods the names of which are enough to grab your attention. Remember the Flying Dosa and the Jethalal Fafda that went viral a couple of months ago. The prefix ‘Bahubali’ is also being used to refer to many ‘big-sized’ foods on the streets. After Bahubali panipuri and Bahubali egg roll, the internet is not able to wrap its head around the Bahubali Samosa. The video shot by YouTuber Foody Vishal that is going viral features a giant-sized samosa that apparently weighs 3 Kgs. In less than 3 days, the video has clocked more than 720k views, and guess what, if you eat the samosa all by yourself in under 5 minutes, you can even take home the sum of INR 11000.

To make this samosa, the whole wheat dough is first rolled out on a steel plate, then it is stuffed with a mixture of spicy potatoes and paneer. The filling is used in such big quantities that two people are required to wrap the dough in a triangular shape. Once the wrapping is done, it is deep-fried in oil for half an hour. The samosa that comes out is perfectly crisp and golden-brown in colour. It weighs close to 3 kilos and it is about a feet tall. A single samosa would cost you INR 500. Interestingly, in the video, we do see a person who finishes the mammoth samosa in under 5 minutes. In order to do that, he breaks the samosa into many pieces and then collects them all in his two hands and gulps it all in. It is truly one sight.  

The comments section is buzzing with many hilarious reactions, “Samose walae chacha be like:le gaya mera 11000 rupeya (the vendor be like: there go my INR 11000)”. “Is there a Guinness world record for this?” asked another user.  

The samosa can be found at ‘Dilli 6 Ki Mashoor Bedmi Puri Sabzi Chole Bhature , Sahibabad , Ghaziabad’. Would you like to try this giant samosa? Do let us know.  

If the video made you crave regular-sized, delicious samosas, then here’s a recipe you can try out soon.