This Three-In-One Dosa Is The Latest Fusion Dish You Will Find On The Internet
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram

Welcome back to a new round of fusion recipes in 2022. Just like we’ve got a diversity of festivals that the country celebrates right from the beginning of each year, there are a bunch of fusion recipes that await your arrival too. With only a month into 2022, we’ve already chanced upon several dishes and food combinations that are sometimes bizarre and sometimes worth a try. The trauma of maggi being chopped into an ice cream roll or cooked in a pool of fanta was beginning to fade away when we saw abominations like pastry pakoda and what not. We don’t know when this surge in bizarre creations come to an end but what we can say is that we definitely find some edible combinations in the process too.  

The Delhi-based food blogger @hungaryblogger took to his Instagram recently to share the video of the making of a unique dosa in town. Being sold at a small stall in East Delhi’s Geeta Colony, the three-in-one dosa has left the netizens stumped. A mélange of diverse flavours encompassing the dosa present the South Indian crepe in a whole new light to us. Are you curious to know what all goes into the making of this quirky dish? Watch it here.  

Source: Hungary Blogger/Instagram 

In the reel, the vendor can be seen cleaning the huge tawa and pouring the freshly-made dosa batter on it. After evenly spreading the batter on to the tawa, he drizzles some oil on it. Then he begins with the filling by adding the paneer mixture first, then the mixed vegetables in the centre and some chowmein in the corner. He cuts the dosa into three parts with the three different fillings and garnishes it with grated cheese and spring onions. Rolling each part into a small dosa roll, the dish is served with a tangy and spicy dip.  

The video has crossed over 900K views and has received mixed reactions by the netizens, with some disgusted at this weird creation while others are tempted to try it. If you belong to the latter half, here are some dosa recipes that you should definitely try.  

1.  Schezwan Dosa  

This is a quick and easy variation of Indo-Chinese flavours on one plate. The dosa is slathered with a lot of schezwan chutney and the filling of potatoes is also spiced up to give the crispy dosa a nice and wholesome filling. Serve it with coconut chutney and some hot and piping sambhar.  

2.   Cheese Dosa  

Give your regular dosa a cheesy twist with loads of grated mozzarella cheese in it. Toss the crepe on the tawa and stuff it with capsicum, onions and tomatoes. In the end, grate lots of cheese on it and fold it to one side. Let it cook so that the cheese melts within and then the cheese pull you’ll get will leave you asking for more.  

3.   Neer Dosa  

Raw rice batter is prepared for this light and breezy neer dosa. The white-coloured soft and moist dosa is served without any filling and the batter is flavoured with jaggery and coconut. Eat this with some chutney and enjoy.