This Summer, Indulge In These 4 Fruity Milkshakes
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Summer is the season to soak up on as many refreshing and chilled beverages as you can. The blazing summer heat makes us load up on drinks more while we tend to eat less. Obviously, because hot summer months require more hydration than ever. While water is the ultimate quencher during this time, you cannot simply rely on it for all the nutrients. If you love to indulge in different beverages to go through the day, these should be wholesome and nutritious as well.   

Chilled, thick and creamy shakes are, perhaps, the easiest options to beat the scorching heat. They aren’t just packed with deliciousness but also with many other health benefits. Shakes are dairy-based beverages, prepared most popularly with milk, yoghurt and syrups. They can be topped with just about anything - from nuts to scoops of ice creams. And while vanilla, chocolate or strawberry shakes are some of the most common ones, there are a host of other summer shakes that you can prepare at home, using some of the seasonal goodness. Here are 4 summer shakes you must try:  

1. Mango Shake  

Of course, it had to top the list. Mangoes are a summer favourite and we are yet to find someone who doesn’t like the king of fruits. Luscious mangoes aren’t just delicious to the core but are also rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin A. The combination of milk and mangoes in this shake is sure to get you drooling.   

2. Banana Shake  

The one fruit that is staple across households throughout the year is banana. Devoid of fat and enriched with good carbs, fibre and protein, bananas help to strengthen our muscles and bones, and they are super versatile too. This delectable, thick and wholesome banana shake combining fruit with milk is a fibre-rich option, perfect for growing kids.   

3. Melon Shake  

Melons are one of the best parts of the summer season. Be it muskmelon or watermelon, we just can’t resist the refreshing fruits. While you might have tried mocktails made with them, this shake made with musk melon, milk and a hint of vanilla essence is a unique one but worth a try. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on top just makes it all the better.  

4. Strawberry Shake

Berries are an all-season fruit, but if you ask me, I specifically love strawberries. This gorgeous heart-shaped berry shines loud among all, and also promises good health along with an amazing flavour. This heavenly milkshake recipe with the goodness of deep red strawberries is all you need this summer season to beat the scorching heat. Strawberries are pureed with milk and sugar, and thickened with the addition of ice cream to make a perfect pink shake. Strawberry milkshakes are loved by kids and adults alike. 

If you want to make your shake a bit sweeter, you can add honey. You can also add a handful of chopped nuts on top for a bit of crunch to all the shakes.