This Summer, Beat The Heat With Khus Sharbat
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

The blazing sun, dust and the scorching heat, summer season is here full-swing, and is unforgiving this time around. With temperatures soaring higher than ever, all we crave is chilled drinks and low temperatures of air conditioning. Isn’t that true? While sitting in an AC room is one option, hydrating our body from within is of prime importance. And summers bring with it a bevy of amazing options that one can cool off with. From countless juicy, hydrating fruits to sharbats that can be your perfect companion. While water is one way to keep yourself hydrated, there are various other beverages that can provide immense relief in this scorching heat. One of which is the khus sharbat.  

The green-coloured khus sharbat has the perfect amount of sweetness, along with a refreshing taste. It almost feels like magic in this summer season. This rejuvenating drink is made using khus essence, sugar, water and citric acid syrup. The green colour comes from the khus essence, which is a thick syrup made from the roots of khus grass (vetiver grass).  

An age-old cooling remedy that can help you to tackle the risk of heat stroke, khus comes with many health benefits. Here are some benefits of khus you must know:

1. Good source of antioxidants

Khus is said to be enriched with antioxidants that not only boost immunity, but also protect the organs and tissues from free radical damage.  

2. Prevents dehydration 

Since it is important to keep yourself hydrated during this time of the year, khus becomes even more important. Having khus sharbat at regular intervals could possibly keep dehydration at bay. 

3. Boosts blood circulation 

Khus - being an excellent source of iron, manganese and Vitamin B6 - may help to improve blood circulation in the body. While the iron helps to boost blood circulation in the body, the presence of manganese in it may help to regulate blood pressure levels to a significant extent. 

4. Reduces thirst  

Khus sherbat can aid in significantly reducing excessive thirst. Having a glass of khus sharbat can also help you reduce the thirsty feeling and refresh you to no extent. A dash of lemon juice can also boost its nutritional profile. 

5. Reduces redness in the eye 

According to experts, khus sharbat is a diuretic with cooling properties. Apart from this, khus is a rich source of zinc, which helps to keep various eye issues at bay. Excess heat can cause redness in the eye, drinking a glass of khus sharbat in summers could possibly reduce the same.  

Now that you know the many benefits of khus sharbat, let’s move on to the recipe for the same. All you need to do is bring in the khus syrup, lemon juice and kewra water together, mix well and serve chilled with ice. You can also add in a bit of sugar if you wish to make it sweeter. This recipe also uses sabja seeds but you can also do without it. 

Click here for the complete recipe. Try it at home and share your experience with us.