This Street Food Vendor’s ‘Baby Dosa’ Scares The Internet

When it comes to authentic South Indian food - which is healthy, wholesome and delicious - dosa is the first name that springs to our mind. The crispy flatbread has kept the people of this country hooked for ages. Best enjoyed with sambar, chutney and podi, dosa is something you can tuck into any time of the day.

Although dosa is typically made with urad dal and rice, it’s not that people have not tried other variations. From fire dosa to healthier alternatives that include ragi and semolina, the good old dosa has travelled a long way.

What’s not sitting very well with dosa lovers is this street food vendor in Gujarat flaunting this new dosa avatar, called the ‘children special dosa’. To be honest, netizens are both scared and amazed at the same time. An Instagram food blogger with the username @sab.chef uploaded a video on his page recently, in which this vendor was seen making ‘baby dosa’. He first spreads dosa batter on a hot tawa, puts butter on it and then cuts out the shape of eyes and mouth using his steel spatula. He then folds the dosa into a cone and serves it to his customers. 

According to the blogger, this dosa is available at Khau Gali Dosa, Mehsana, Surat.

Ever since the video was uploaded it has gathered around 917k views, more than 50k likes and hundreds of comments. Many people have complained that the dosa doesn’t look like a baby at all but an alien. One person wrote, "Samaj nahi aa raha hai ki ye khana hai ya sajaana hai (sic)”, while another person said, “Omg so nice 😍😍baby yo dekh ke hi dar jayega 😂 (sic)”. One user commented, “Baby nahi alien👽 lag raha hai (sic).”

Are you pleased enough to try this dosa? Do let us know. Also, try all the interesting dosa recipes we have in store for you.