This Strawberry Trifle By Ranveer Brar Is Sure To Make Your Valentine’s Day Sweeter
Image Credit: This last minute trifle can be your saviour this Valentine's Day. Image: Chef Ranveer Brar

Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year and it should be a motivation to express your love in the most creative way. Don’t you think? On this special day, that is celebrated in the honour of Saint Valentine, couples around the world take out time for their special one and show them all their love and affection in various ways. Loved-up gestures in the form of romantic letters, notes, flowers and gifts are exchanged between couples. After all, movies, the media and pop culture have made the day special for many couples of our generation who tend to go the extra mile to express their affection. And so, everything  - from expensive gifts to cards and candlelit dinners - are planned well. But I, as a lover of food, believe there’s no greater way of showing love than through food. Be it a simple cake or an elaborate dinner, there’s no other way more special than expressing it through food. 

No, we aren’t asking the novice chef in you to cook up a storm in the kitchen and present your love with a full-fledged dinner, but a sweet treat isn’t a bad idea. What do you think? No more running for chocolates last minute anymore because chef Ranveer Brar has got your back with this easy and intimate last-minute strawberry trifle.  

Nothing tastes like love better than a strawberry flavoured trifle dessert on Valentine’s Day. Pair it with your favourite V-Day movie marathon and an intimate, kind gesture of love – now you have a ‘berried’ Valentine’s Day treasure that you can cherish forever. 

Image: Freepik

Strawberry-Flavoured Trifle 


· 150 gm ready vanilla cake 

· 100 gm custard ready 

· 200 gm whipped cream 

· 60 ml Hershey’s strawberry flavoured syrup 



· In a bowl, add a layer of cake.

· Then add a layer of custard and Hershey’s strawberry flavoured syrup.

· On top that, put a layer of whipped cream and Hershey’s strawberry flavoured syrup.

· Refrigerate before serving.