How about some tempting and juicy BBQ, a good piece of meat and some beer to juggle on? That’s exactly what The Pit is all about. Located at Basant Lok Market where  the ionic PVR Priya stands, the originality and authenticity of the concept of serving quality crafted meats at The Pit was devised by Sumeet Rewari and Manharan Singh. The duo brings their years of experience and business acumen to create a brand that’s slowly growing into a recognizable brand.

This latest addition to capital culinary scene has reinvented itself in a all new look and feel and avatar. The rustic looking place with an open kitchen, that’s perfect for some beers and to chill with your friends over some good pork belly or home made sausages boast about its western style grills, bringing to the capital city a 7ft by 3 ft smoker pit where full-flavoured artisanal meats are cooked slow n’ low to produce the aromatic flavours of traditional grilling.

In the words of Sumeet “Being an avid meat lover, I have always preferred the western method of cooking meat where the spices don’t take away from the true flavour and nature of the dish. Meats are meant to be eaten with a certain respect towards how it is cooked and that is what we want to bring forth at The Pit. I bring my understanding of business and logistics to the operation to ensure a best-in-class approach.”

Smoked Butter Garlic prawns /Pic- Ayandrali Dutta

 Their signatures Smoked Butter Garlic Prawns – that’s one scrumptious and exotic plate of 5 jumbo size prawsn that have been perfectly cooked to suit the palate. Next is their Pork Belly that sees a good mix of belly fat and meat well done to be easily cut. The meal doesn’t end here if you have not tried their Pork Bangers the special in-house sausages. The menu also sees here includes appetising dishes like Philly Cheesesteak, wood smoked Salmon, Double Patty Chicken Burgers, and lots of other scrumptious. The best part being all these dishes are accompanied by any two sides of your choice and believe you me the quantity of the sides are pretty attractive. 

Though not a place much for non-meat lovers but you can still try their Black Bean Burger. But their Tiramusu is surely a killer to end your meal with. And yes the restaurant even provides complementary bottled water.

Pork Bangers

Together the duo is bringing supreme quality of food to create a niche experience to every diner that comes in, while maintaining 100% satisfaction. The Pit is surely changing the way the city loves its meat.

Here’s the recipe of their In-House Salad

    Leaf Lettuce

    Lettice iceberg

    Julienne Onion




    Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing 

    Garlic Basil croutons


    Their Croutons are an in house Breads that have been specially drizzled with olive oil baked for 20 minutes 

    Wash Salad leaf in cold water from fridge.

    Chop all ingredients in anyway you like

    Mix them up well in a bowl and add the dressing as desired.

    Give it a good mix and serve in a bowl with some garnish.