This Ramzan Savour Some Handi Gosht, Recipe Shared By Chef Izzat Hussain
Image Credit: Ramzan special Handi gosht by Chef Izzat Hussain

Come Ramzan the month of fasting and feasting, each Muslim household sees an array of dishes to savour during Iftari (the breaking of evening fast). From veg to non-veg there’s an array of dishes that one sees during Ifatari. The keeping of the fast during Ramadan teaches one and all to respect food. Facing hardships of not eating through the day during summer is quiet a task. During evening they break the fast with their family with a collection of dishes like Sharbat, kebabs, pakoda, biryani, meethe chawal, sweets, fruits and more. 

From time to time they also make some rich and nutritious dishes and one such is Handi Gosht. Mutton Handi or Handi Gosht happens to be a very traditional rich stew cooked in lots of spicy and it sees a much rich masala gravy. Anciently cooking in handi has been an age old technique. This utensil that sees a broad bottom  and has the perfect mechanism for heat to be equally distributed on all the contents of the handi while cooking.

This slow cooked dish, that is unfused with the flavours of garam masala of that of cardamom, cloves, cumin, cinnamon and kashmiri red chilli, give the dish a much distinct taste. If you want to cook it the ancient way, then best is too cook in a terracotta handi as the gosht gets an absolutely unique flavour.

Handi gosht cooks best in teracotta handi/ Chef Izzat Hussain


Chef Izzat Hussain who is a Unani Physician and Indian, Mughlai Chef says “Handi cooking  is one of the oldest  method of cooking in old era it was cooking with earthen pot in open area or any whare in jungle by the wayfarers. Now the earthen pots have been replaced by the pressure cooker or other pots but the craze of this dish is still young. Its very popular with most avadhi families in Ramdhan .


    Mutton  (lamb) 1 kg (front leg)

    Onion 500 grams  large finely chopped

    Pre Brown onions one handful

    3 large Garlic  finely chopped

    Ginger 50 grams finely chopped

    Green chilies 3-6 finely chopped 4 cut in length

    Red Chili powder 1 tsp

    Black pepper 1 tsp roughly pounded

    Coriander powder 1 tbsp

    Black cardamom 4 roughly pounded black pepper one tea spoon.

    Cloves 6

    Green cardamom 6 

    Cumin seeds 1 tsp

    Bay leaves 2

    Cinnamon stick 2”

    Lemon juice 4 tbsp

    Mustard oil 150 ml

    Salt to taste.


    Mix all ingredients together in an air tight handi or pressure cooker with mutton Keep at least 30 minutes for marinating.

    After marinating the mutton place the tawa on medium heat and keep this handi or pressure cooker on tawa.

    Maintaining medium to low fire keeps  for around 45 minutes over the heat. The aroma of the dish may give a pleasant feel to your home. 

    Take out from fire and Rest again for 10 minutes .

    Your Handi Gosht is ready to serve. 

    Paratha or Roti will be a nice  combination with this dish but the long grain basmati rice !!!   Try you self and enjoy.