This Place Is Serving Burger And Fries Only At ₹50; Would You Like To Try?
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, Burger and peri peri fries are yummy.

Whenever we think of eating out, we generally look for our wallets first because we need to be sure if we have enough to spend. Ordering in or heading out to eat has become quite common these days, with new cafes and restaurants opening up every day. The easy availability of food as well as the delicious taste lures us into frequent trips to these places to satiate our hunger. The consequences of this are usually a hole in the pocket by the end of every month. With increasing prices and consumerism, we are always in search of reasonable, affordable and pocket-friendly options. 

Not only do we look for good deals and discounts on clothes and footwear, but also on food. For this reason, here is an amazing place which is offering burgers and fries only for 50. Oh yes, it is true. In a recent reel shared by a food blogger called foodyypreneur on her Instagram handle, she tries out burger and fries by paying a small amount of 50. Here’s what it looks like. 

Source: Foodyypreneur/Instagram 

In the reel, the blogger is seen heading towards the cash counter with a 50-rupee note in her hand. After placing her order and making her payment, she heads back to her table with a plateful of a burger and fries. The huge vegetable burger, stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a potato patty, looks absolutely delicious. On the side, you’ll find loads of fries. The video is captioned saying, “Super Offer In Just 50₹. You Can Get Burger And Peri Peri Fries In Just 50. Comment Down For Location”. 

The video has crossed over 4 million views and 300k likes in the past few days. While she shares the rest of the details in the caption, the location is disclosed in the comments when someone asks for it. She states that it is a small eatery in Bani Square in Gurugram. 

Feeling hungry already? Here are some delicious burgers and fries you should try. 

1.  Chicken Burgers 

A toasted brioche bun is stuffed with a juicy chicken patty and layered with melted cheese. A special sauce is added to the burger along with some sliced vegetables and your burger is ready. 

2.  Peri Peri Fries 

Hot and spicy fries, the fried potato strips are tossed in a tangy and spicy peri peri sauce and eaten.