This Place Is All About Some Elevated Dining Experience
Image Credit: Anardana

With the FnB industry bouncing back after the pandemic and lockdown, many places are opening up with experiences of sorts for the culinary enthusiast of the city and one such is Anardana- that’s all about an elevated dining experience, serving traditional heritage food with modern design and smart share ability. The brand gets its name Anardana from the Persian influence just like a lot of dishes on the menu along with Anardana being a prominent Indian spice that is used in Indian cooking giving a much sour-sweet taste to dishes. 



Located in Sangam Courtyard, this place pretty catches the attention with it’s big logo that’s strategically placed. The moment you step inside, life size posters of Rekha, Meena Kumari and more make heads turn. The motifs and patterns of the restaurant are distinguished and graceful. The space offers a destination for intimate dinners & parties with customized menus and experiences. The island bar makes a distinct presence as you can see your drink been tossed and stirred Infront of you. This urban lounge bar, that is the brainchild of Shruti Malik and Dr Ritesh Malik, the space is well spread across even for private dinners. 


Chef Asif and his team has carefully crafted and created the menu keeping the selections from starters, soups to mains which sees a well- researched variety of traditional cuisines. Be it the Palak and Kale Patta Chaat, that sees crispy baby spinach & kale leaf, flavored sweetened yoghurt, imli chutney, house spice mix or the Pomelo and Lotus Stem, that’ s a hearty mix of pink pomelo, sprouted moong, sundried tomatoes, starfruit, lettuce, topped with tamarind and jaggery dressing to Ricotta Dahi Kebab that’s sees the goodness of hung Curd, ricotta cheese, coriander, Indian salsa or the Charcoal Mutton Seekh Kathi roll that’s a well done lamb seekh kebabs with layered eggs in house made rumali, with lime cilantro chutney and pickled fennel slaw, ragi chips, beetroot chips, and jalapeno ketchup each dish is a is gastronome delight. The others on the menu like the Persian Chelo kebabs to the From Peri Peri Momos, to Nizami Rolls, to Siganature Champaran Mutton Champaran Mutton with homemade Suran Chutney that’s cooked in earthen pot and served with a sesame flat bread / peri peri naan and the very unique elephant yam chutney  

Along with the attraction, the Wood – Fire pizza station garners special attention. For the sweet craving you have to surrender to their signature Double Ka Mitha that’s sees crispy bread, rasmalai, malayo, sweet malayo and a 24-carat gold leaf. Utterly sweet it sounds right!

Raising a toast to the good times the bar is fully loaded and the inhouse signatures like Citrus Flower Gem Gin that sees elder flower, tonic water, pineapple juice or the Moonlight Sour which is an infusion of bourbun whiskey, fresh grapefruit juice, martini bianco, cherry liqeur and more. 

Fun, food, and flavours and happy nostalgia that’s Anardana all about. 

Here is one recipe specially for out readers 



    0.6 gms Ricotta Cheese                 

    0.3gms Curd                   

    0.2 gms Penko Crumb                                                            

    4 gms Black Pepper                               

    0.004 gms Green Cardamom Powder

    0.2 gm Ginger           

    0.1 gm Green Chilly           

    0.2 gms Corriander Leaves        

    0.1 gms Milk Powder        

    0.1 gms Sweet Mango Pickle        

    0.1 ml Oil    

    0.1 gms Mint Chutney        

    0.05 gms Roasted Channa        

    0.05 gms Amul Cheese    


    Take a mixing bowl add Chena and hung curd add chop chilly ginger and green cardamom powder

    Milk powder roasted channa cheese add salt and other ingredients make rounds coat with penko bread 

    crumbles and deep fry to golden colour served with mint and mango chutney.