This Paralysed Man Is Selling Patties For ₹20 And Winning Hearts On The Internet

From the moment we open our social media handles, we are exposed to all kinds of content. From memes that make us chuckle on our bad days to overwhelming stories that trigger strong emotions, we come across myriads of stories that either make or break our mood. And from the onset of the COVID pandemic, the internet has surely helped underprivileged people. From the famous Baba Ka Dhaba to the old man selling chikki and gajak at ₹10, the internet has become a saviour for them. One such story has come in the limelight recently and is winning the hearts of people on the internet. The story is about a Kolkata-based man who is paralyzed and has been selling patties and cream rolls for ₹20 to make ends meet. Take a look:

In this video uploaded by the food blogger with the username @kolkatadelites, a Kolkata-based old man is seen selling patties and cream rolls for just ₹20. This paralyzed man has been selling both vegetarian and non-vegetarian patties and cream rolls for over 35 years now. You can find this man at New Market, in front of KFC, in Kolkata.

The video was uploaded five days ago and has garnered love and sympathy from viewers across the country. Ever since the video was uploaded, it has gathered over 900k views, 85k likes and hundreds of comments. Most of these comments are from Instagram viewers who became teary-eyed. The famous YouTuber @youtubeswadofficial has commented “Superheroes ❤️” on the post. Apart from all the heart and heart-eyes emojis, here are some comments that are worth paying attention to. Take a look:

“Such beautiful people. His smile made my day”

“So good to see that you are sharing more about these local vendors and small business owners from the streets of Kolkata. Highly appreciate this. Thanks”

“I love how social media is helping bring change, empathy and consideration for all sections in our society.”

Some comments have also appreciated the security guard who has been helping the man in serving the delights: “Respect to that security guard as well”.

Are you intrigued enough to visit this vendor? Well, we are too. Do let us know if you visit him.