This Paneer-Chowmein Burger From Jammu Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons
Image Credit: Pixabay

It is almost scary to click open any street food video nowadays. After horrendous Masala Dosa Ice cream and Fanta Maggi, you never really know what is in store. Fusion foods are a tricky terrain tread on, but once you crack the right recipe, you will find the audience too. In a recent viral video by India Eat Mania, we stumbled upon a Paneer Chowmein Burger. The video has impressed the netizens for its out-of-the-box appeal, let's have a look as to what works for the burger and what does not.

The burger buns are deep-fried in a Kadhai. Once they are fried, they are taken out and with the help of a knife, the buns are cut from the centre and laid out in a grid. A smattering of tomato ketchup goes on each halved-bun. Next in line are red and green chutneys, the same sweet and spicy chutneys that you get with chow mien and samosas. While the red is sweeter, the green is slightly on the spicier side. Next to be propped on the buns is thick mixture of veggies, followed by more finely chopped cabbage, capsicum and carrots. Crispy aloo tikkis or potato patties follow suite, They are carefully placed in the centre of the buns, and on top of these tikkis rests a slab of paneer or cottage cheese. In another set of buns, he leaves out the tikkis and the paneer, and instead adds sliced cucumber, mayonnaise and tandoori mayonnaise. He goes back to the burgers with tikkis and finally lands a handful of fried noodles or chow mien as the final ingredient. Slurping much, you are not alone. The users in the comments section could also not stop drooling over the delish burger that is sold for mere 30 rupees.

After the cringeworthy street food combos in the recent past, this is definitely a fusion dish that looks very palatable. The users are also thrilled to see the nominal price at which the burger is sold, highlighting how not all delicious food need to burn a hole in your pocket. “He is a very blessed man who is selling such good burgers at rupees 30/- only..God bless him”, wrote a user. “Bhai ye to 60 me bhi bikega (this will sell for INR 60 too)”, said another fan who was willing to pay double.

The fried buns, reminded a few of the ‘Gupta Burger’ an iconic desi burger stall in Delhi. In a similar fashion, the vendors at Gupta burgers also deep fry the buns before filling it with tikkis and other veggies. However, the addition of chow mien is surely something novel and fascinating to many. There were a few who had their reservations against adding noodles inside the buns, but nonetheless, the video has garnered close to a million views in three days of it going live.

Would you like to give this burger a try, or do you think you can recreate this recipe at home? Do let us know.