This Paan Stall Offers Discounted Paan At ₹2 To Heartbroken Lovers, Couples To Pay ₹20
Image Credit: Pixabay

Was your Instagram feed also filled with couples, flaunting their mushy photos and reels on Valentine’s Day? If you are single and chose to ignore the posts, we envy your maturity. But if you wanted to break everything around you out of frustration, then maybe you should head to Indore, for we found a perfect place for you to vent with a round of paans and fellow heartbroken lovers. That’s right. ‘Bewafa Paan’ stall in Indore is selling paans at a discounted rate, but only to those who have been cheated upon or dumped in the most crushing manner. “Premi Jodon Ke Liye ₹20 Ka Paan (For couples, rate of paan is 20)”, the text on the stall read. Which is pretty reasonable in itself, don’t you think?  But inconsolable, lonely lovers will get the paan for just ₹2, “Pyaar me dhoka khaye hue logo ke liye sirf  2 ka Paan”. And that’s not all, you can tell your sobby stories to the Paan wallah, who will listen to you while fixing you the most delicious ‘Dhoke Wala Paan’.

In a video shot by YouTube channel ‘India Eat Mania’, we hear the owner of the stall says, “Mai khud dhoka khaya hua hu. Aap story sunao, aapko 2 Rupay ka paa milega story ke baad (I myself had my heartbroken. You tell your story and you will get the discounted paan by the end of the story.)” 

Further, he demonstrates how he makes the paan. Large sized betel leaves are spread out on the table, and smeared with ‘Chuna’, followed by a drizzle of ‘Kathha’, chutney (which can be customized, chaman bahar, gulkand, elaichi, saunf, cherries and tutti fruit, desiccated coconut. This Paan is then folded and fixed with a toothpick that has been skewered with another bright cherry, and topped with poppy seeds.  “Many heartbroken lovers come to me asking for a strong or zehreela paan, so I add trace amounts of Tobacco, however, here I have made just a simple meetha paan”, the paan shop owner can be heard saying in the video. 

If couples choose to buy this paan, their paans will be finished off with more sweet chutney and coconut shavings, the contents inside remain the same.