This Noodles Video Has Gone Viral; Not For Eating But Knitting; Seen Yet?
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Noodles is perhaps one of the most popular comfort dishes for many of us. And there are many reasons for it. Be it our late-night hunger pangs, a quick meal between work or when the cravings come knocking, noodles are a saviour for us each time. More than anything, noodles are a versatile food and the culinary world has made complete use of the fact. We have seen the humble noodles evolve every day - cup noodles, frozen noodles, dry noodles, and soupy noodles to name some. In fact, internet gives us a new viral noodle experiment almost every day. While most of the videos are about a bizarre noodle dish or how one can eat noodles, a latest viral video truly stands out for being nothing like it. It in fact has nothing to do with ‘eating’ the noodles. Confused? Read on. 

An Instagram video shared on Instagram by "@reelsemperor" has gone viral in just a couple of days. And that isn’t because the video shows a unique noodle dish, but it shows a bowl of noodles being used to knit! Yes, you read that right. The short video shows a long patch of noodles being knitted by a person. Take a look:


Isn’t that an adorably satisfying video to watch? No wonder it has already gained over 27m views and more than 895k likes. Originally uploaded by "@satisfyingmmiixx", the video legit shows someone knitting he noodle together using chopsticksm and it is just brilliant. "Noodle knitting", the caption on the video said. It has taken social media by stormas it raked in over 13k comments. 

The weirdly satisfying video has been taking viewers by surprise, as many users who were amused wrote how good it actually looks. “Actually, this woven texture looks delish” said one user while another wrote “I wanna try this.” Someone was also excited about the final texture and said "That's gonna have the best texture when they eat". However, there were some who were confused as to why would one waste so much food and effort on this? Some commented saying that the lady knitting these noodles is just bored and jobless to be wasting so much time. "Such a jobless work of all", "How bored does one have to be", "They was too bored". On the other hand, some had rather funny comparisons to make. "Reminds me of my lockdown days having all the time in the world" and "My dad: stop playing with your food... Me: *knits my noodles*", were some of the comments.  

What do you think about the video? Let us know. And meanwhile, if you've already started to crave noodles, here’s a quick recipe.