This Navratri Make Your Kids Happy, Try These Recipes

Festivals are a part of life, and for some people, they serve as an excuse to rejoice and spend time with their loved ones. The celebration of Navratri is already here, and the majority of us are busy making preparations. In reality, this is the time of year when people follow their religious traditions very fervently. Food is by far the most integral component of Navratri, which is frequently viewed as the time of fasting and feasting. But have you ever wondered why we celebrate this festival? The nine fortunate nights known as Navratri are when devotees worship nine different forms of the goddess Durga. The nine-day fast is customarily observed by devotees, while some people only observe it twice during Navratri: on the first and concluding days. Given that fasting is merely an act of thanksgiving to the Goddess, they are both fine. Because Navratri falls during the fall season, when our bodies tend to have a lesser immunity than usual, it is encouraged to eat light foods that are easy on the stomach. Alcohol, non-vegetarian dishes, garlic, onion, and other tamasic foods are strictly prohibited as per certain cultural traditions. 

Speaking of kids, it is very difficult to serve them nutritious, light meals during the regular days because they prefer junk food, and it is nearly impossible to feed them quick food during the festive season since they always want something exciting on their plates. So, below is a list of excellent kid-friendly Navratri fast meals for all the parents who have picky eaters at home: 

Kuttu ka dosa 

Kids enjoy dosa, but if they are on a fast, you can use kuttu flour in instead of the traditional dosa batter. You may serve this quick and simple recipe with aloo masala or coconut chutney. This dosa is healthier and lighter on the stomach than ordinary dosa. So feel free to serve this food to your kids without any concerns! 

Singhare ke atta ka samosa 

Given that kids enjoy snacking so much and that their regular bodily cycles are altered during these days of fasting, it's crucial to provide them with wholesome snacks. As a result, you can make and offer them singhare ke atta ka samosa in the evening. 

Arbi ki chaat 

Kids enjoy chaat, and there is a special chaat made during Navratri that is made with boiling arbi, rock salt, cumin powder, and black pepper. Just cook everything in oil till it turns golden brown, then serve it hot! Your children will adore it! 

Banana raita 

Bananas, sugar, curd, cumin powder, salt, and black pepper are the ingredients used to make banana raita. Just combine the ingredients with the water, then stir in the banana slices. Your children will have plenty of energy from this flavorful and nutritious dinner. 

Vrat wale paneer rolls 

It's possible to eat paneer while fasting, as you may not have known. That is correct, indeed! You may actually satisfy your needs for food in a tastier way with these delicious vrat wale paneer rolls. Children will definitely like this intriguing snack! 

Enjoy these healthy and easy Vrat-friendly snacks and make the Navratri season lip-smacking.