This Multicultural Mumbai Cafe Evokes The Spirit Of Bali

Since the pandemic, the popularity of the ‘work from cafe’ culture has spiked. After being stuck inside for so many months, Mumbaikars were eager to get out at every excuse, even if it was just to stare at their laptop in a new environment. In the Oshiwara area of Andheri West, a new destination has opened its doors offering a space to relax and recharge.

Stepping into Corra feels like a reprieve from the city. In soothing, earthy shades inspired by nature, adding white gravel, cane furniture and wood accents that enhance the beachy vibes. Founders Saif Saith, and Alim Memdani created Corra as a destination cafe saying, "For Mumbai people, this cosy café is an exceptional place for unlimited talks, scrumptious food, and refreshing drinks while reminiscing cafes in Bali and just like a mini getaway from the daily fuss, tucked just at the right place, and the various serves from around the world are set to quickly take over the town," 

Multicuisine menus can be a tricky business since ensuring consistent quality across can be a tough ask, but one that Head Chef, Radheshyam Mishra was happy to take on. His past triumphs range from gourmet Italian cuisine at five-star hotels to middle-eastern feasts in Oman. He’s brought that varied experience to the menu representing food from all over the world in a line-up that evokes comfort. 

Since Corra is designed to be an all-day cafe, they offer a breakfast menu that’s served till 5pm and includes all the classics plus some more speciality adds like Breakfast Tacos and Eggs Kejriwal. They also have all the cafe staples like wraps sandwiches, fries and finger foods. Chef Mishra in particular recommends the Spicy Rock Chicken Strips and the Truffle Mushroom Crostini which are crispy, layered with creamy, flavourful mushroom topping, perfect for snacking over coffee and conversation.

Where Corra really departs from the norm though is in their Asian section. Offering a selection of Dimsum and Sushi, they’ve covered their bases for every type of customer. In fact, Chef Mishra likes all his new customers to start with their Japanese fare, “I usually ask people two questions,” he says, “Are you vegetarian or non-vegetarian? And do you like sushi? Depending on that I tell everyone to experience the Japanese dishes, and so far everyone loves it.”

Another standout is their pasta section featuring freshly made fettuccine and ravioli in a selection of sauces that blend continental flavours with an Indian palate. Their whole menu is focused on providing a dish for everyone and in that they’ve definitely succeeded. The flavours are inspired from all over the world and tailored to Indian tastes for a meal that echoes the nature of the cafe – full of care, attention to detail and comfort.