This Moroccan Vegetarian Harira Is A Comforting Treat For Monsoons

In a soupy mood? We’ve got the perfect recipe for you. Harira is a popular traditional North African soup prepared mainly in Morocco and Algeria. The name Harira’ is derived from the Arabic word for silk, giving a subtle reference to the thick and smooth texture of the soup. The finest part of preparing this soup is that it can be served as both a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian soup depending on one’s taste bud and personality variations. It's a great recipe to keep our bodies warm in monsoons or winter season, especially for the ones who don't rely on some kind of meat to keep the warmth in their bodies. Let's quickly get into the vegetarian recipe of the same. 


Ingredients - ( Recipe for two ) 


1  Black lentil - 100 g 

2. One finely chopped tomato 

3. One finely chopped Onion 

4. ¼ tsp salt 

5. Pinch of turmeric  

6.¼ tsp black pepper 

7. One tsp olive oil 

8. Any kind of pasta according to preference - 40g 

9. Chopped coriander for garnishing 

10. 4 chopped olives 


Instructions to prepare- 


After soaking the lentil for almost half an hour, put in a pressure cooker. First add water to the cooker( 200-250 ml) . Add olive oil , salt , turmeric and black pepper and finely chopped tomatoes, onions and coriander leaves. For 10-15 minutes, cook in a pressure cooker with the lid on. After it's ready, open the lid and add boiled pasta in the same cooker .Following these steps,  boil the entire mixture in the cooker without a lid. Your yummy soup is now ready to be served in bowls.For rich taste and better flavour, serve with garnished olives and sprinkled black pepper. 


You can’t ask for anything more comforting in winters than a thick creamy hot bowl of soup. With Harira, we’ve got you covered