This Mango And Pineapple Sorbet Comes With A Boozy Twist
Image Credit: Sorbet is a super easy dessert to try at home

We are in the fag-end of the summer season and it seems criminal of sorts to not eat up all the mangoes that are still on offer. But you know what would be an even better idea, blending the king of fruits with other equally delish seasonal fruits. Yes, there are options galore to make the best of fruits that are just lying there in your fruit basket. You can toss them in salad or smoothies any day, but how about being a little adventurous and trying your hand at making your own sorbet?  

Sorbet is a frozen dessert made with sugared-sweetened water and flavouring comprising fruits or fruit syrup. Also known as ‘Italian Ice’ or ‘Water Ice’ is a hit among everyone who has a penchant for sweet. In this recipe, mango and pineapple come together for a fabulous sweet sorbet. But that’s not all, the dessert also comes with a boozy punch of tequila.

Here’s a recipe of Mango-Pineapple Tequila sorbet by ‘Jaatre- Finest Ice Cream’.  


250g ripe diced Pineapple

200g ripe diced Mango

2 tablespoon Tequila

Juice of 1 medium sized lime ( to taste )

Kosher salt ( to taste )

For Syrup

160ml water

130g sugar ( cut down the sugar to 100gms, if both the fruits are sweet )

200g ripe diced mango


1. Take water, sugar and mangoes, put them together in a pot and heat over medium heat. Once the sugar is dissolved, let it simmer for 30 minutes and reduce.

2. Next, you are supposed to strain the mixture and let the syrup cool down to room temperature.

3. Now, blend the syrup, diced pineapple and the remaining mango bits until everything is well-combined.

4. Now on to the bit you have been waiting for. Add tequila, lime juice, kosher salt and mix everything well.

5. Take the mixture and pour in an air tight container. Freeze for at least 10 hrs.

6. Now take out your sorbet and let it sit for few minutes. Scoop out and serve.