This Man selling 20 Samosas For ₹20 Has Won Hearts On The Internet

“Bas chai aur samosa ho jaaye toh baat bann jaaye”- this is how most people want spend their evenings and we are not complaining. After all, who doesn’t want to relish a hot cup of chai with some crispy and delicious samosas on the side? Samosas are our go-to snacks for comfort and satisfaction. Paired with chai and a tasty condiment on the side, all Indians swear by samosas. The crispy exterior, the delicious potato filling and the chutneys on the side make up a delectable snack that can make everyone drool in no time. Indians’ love for samosas has escalated their popularity to such an extent that almost every lane of India has a samosa vendor selling some piping hot and crispy samosas. One such samosa vendor has caught our attention through Instagram and we are all about it.

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger couple who goes by the username @eatographer, a man is seen selling mini samosas on a cycle. The samosas look quite tempting but the thing that has caught the attention of netizens is the price. As claimed by the Instagram food blogger couple, he sells 20 samosas for 20 rupees only! Yes, you heard that right! We know your first reaction would be “Mehengaai ke zamaane mein itna sasta? Shayad quality kharab hogi” but a few foodies who have tried it, swear by it in the comments section.