This Is What Birthday Boy KL Rahul Shared With Athiya Shetty For Sunday Breakfast
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Athiya Shetty

Actress Athiya Shetty and cricketer KL Rahul are one of the cutest couples on the internet right now, and there’s enough proof of that. Both of them keep sharing tidbits from their vacations, date nights and more, and we just can’t ignore them. The couple is a hardcore foodie, and they don’t shy away from sharing their foodie indulgences every now and then. Athiya, especially, is one of the more active one when it comes to sharing their day-to-day shenanigans, and recently shared how she was just too happy that her boyfriend has shared his food with her.  

On a Sunday morning, Athiya shared an image of the delicious breakfast platter that the duo enjoyed. Along with it she shared a sweet, in fact humorous caption with this picture, and wrote, “KL Rahul, finally sharing his food.” The image showed two pancakes with a lot of toppings that included berries, fruits and nuts. While both Rahul and Athiya are known to be complete fitness enthusiasts, that doesn’t mean they don’t indulge in food. In fact, it appears they are also exchanging notes on what to eat, while striking a balance of healthy and delicious in their meals. Take a look at the picture here: 

Looks yummy, doesn’t it? Athiya’s pancake story has indeed got us craving too! Pancakes are fluffy breakfast staples, with crispy edges and a soft centre. A stack of soft and flat cakes with oodles of syrup on it - pancakes just spell indulgence. Topped with berries, maple syrup and whipped cream, no wonder pancakes have become a hit among people across the world. And the best part about a pancake is that there’s no fixed recipe for it, giving it enough room for experimentation. One can customise it as per your taste and preference. That’s not all. You can also make a savoury version of it by adding salt, veggies and more to the dish. However, the most popular version of pancake remains the classic American one with flour, egg, milk and sugar. Here the ingredients are mixed together into a semi-thick batter and cooked like cheela on a frying pan. It is then served hot with a topping of maple syrup or honey, along with fruits such as bananas, strawberries or blueberries. Sounds delicious and super easy, doesn't it?  

Now, if you are feeling hungry after looking at Athiya’s post and want to make some yummy pancakes then we have some recipes right here for you.