This is How Bengali Kasundi Can Replace Mustard Sauce!
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Kasundi is a staple item in every Bengali household kitchen. Savouring it with steaming hot rice blended with a dash of mustard oil, chopped onion and coarsely hand crushed green chilis is the most basic way. Now, let's shift our focus to the mustard sauce that we commonly spot at eateries chains serving burgers, subs, sandwiches and salads. Did this idea ever cross your mind that why not use the Bengali version of mustard sauce, aka, Kasundi, for all these fancy foods? If you nod in agreement, then let's hop on a journey together wearing our experimental hat and whip up some creative dishes.

Kasundi is made by blending premium mustard seeds. This thick golden yellow paste has a strong flavour. Thus, it tastes fantastic in salad dressing and is great for a bold taster. People who can take its intense flavour enjoy this condiment. It can be stir-fried, cooked, or used as spreads, dips, and other things. Here are four ways when mustard kasundi can replace mustard sauce. 

Salad dressing

Make a wholesome and healthy chicken salad barring any calorie-loaded mayonnaise. Vegetarians can opt for mushrooms and paneer or tofu. Add a lot of fresh veggies such as slices of tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and thinly sliced carrots. Now in a mixing bowl, season all these ingredients with salt to taste, pepper powder, herbs of your choice and 1-2 teaspoons of kasundi. 

Topping a sub with mustard sauce, Image Source: Pexels

Sandwich friendly

Use brown bread to make a healthy sandwich for yourself. Create a delicious combination of crafting a sandwich with cheese and coriander leaves and top it up with kasundi. If you don't want it in the filling, use it as a dip. 

Burger buddy

We all drool over a whopping burger from our favourite brands. But you can make one at home and reserve your bragging rights. Make a burger with caramelised vegetables and mustard kasundi spilling out of it. Nonvegetarians can do the same with a chicken steak or grilled fish fillet. The blend of two contrasting flavours will be a treat for your taste buds.

Fries can try

French fries with honey mustard sauce, Image Source: thishealthykitchen

Kids and adults both can't resist French fries. And along with these crispy finger foods, a dip of ketchup is a must. The same goes for cutlets. It's time to keep the ketchup aside and make a sweet, tangy, spicy dip with kasundi. Try making mango and mustard kasundi. This unique mix will have a balance of sweetness and sourness. Likewise, add delicious flavour French fries, potato wedges, and cutlets by teaming them up with tomato kasundi chutney. When the tangy-to-sour tomatoes blend with mustard kasundi, the outcome is a burst of flavours. 

Do you know that, Ayurveda says: Mustard Kasundi is thought to be beneficial to our health. This condiment can work wonders for people who have lung congestion or who want to boost their metabolism.