This International Tea Day, This Tea Room Is The Perfect Place To Sip Some Nice Brew And Munch On
Image Credit: Tea the favourite beverage of all time/Pic- Smoke House Deli Deli Tea room

No matter the time of day, every tea aficionado loves to sip on a hot cuppa tea, as indulgence, an escape or simply a pit stop on a busy day. With International Tea Day being observed on May 21 this year, Smoke House Deli Tea room is the perfect place for a high tea party or a quiet evening by yourself. A place where you can appreciate the subtle art of brewing the most tea-riffic teas. 

The Tea room is designed to provide you with a lovely cup of tea which makes for the most excellent conversation starter. The Deli Tea room serves up some of the most premium teas; Autumn Crescendo, Autumn Oolong and Earl Grey with a hint of bergamot orange, to name a few. You can also indulge in the exquisite, Moonshine Long leaf tea with notes of sweet honeysuckle. 

To give its patrons the most authentic experience, Smoke House Deli has tied up with Glenburn Tea estates in Darjeeling. The highlight of the menu is the special ‘Smoke House Signature blend’ which is made with the Darjeeling tea from Glenburn, and the Assam leaf tea from Khongea. These two complement each other beautifully, the subtle flavour and aroma of the Darjeeling leaf pairs well with the rich and malty Assam tea.

Patrons can also enjoy an array of accompaniments with their teas, right from mouth-watering bakes and viennoiseries like the pain au chocolate, cinnamon rolls and delectable croissants, to finger sandwiches and petit snacks like the Avocado cream cheese sandwich, Honey mustard chicken waldorf and Curried egg salad crostini.

Chef Rollin Lasrado - Executive Chef - Smoke House Deli, West Region tell how to brew a cup of tea, paired with some great avocado & cream cheese sandwiches


Loose leaf tea (Assam or Darjeeling or Green tea) – 1 tsp per person + 1 for the pot

Water – 200 ml per person

Milk (dairy or vegan) - optional

Sugar or sweeteners – optional

Avocado Philly Cheese Sandwich


-    Lightly cream the cream cheese in order to make it easier to spread. 

-    On the sliced bread, apply butter on one side of each slice and then spread the cream cheese over it. You could also lightly toast the bread before applying the butter and cheese.

-    Place the sliced avocado over the cream cheese on 2 slices. Season as per taste. 

-    Place the thin ribbons of cucumber over it, drizzle with the sweet chili sauce and season if required. 

-    Place the slice of bread with the cream cheese on it. 

-    Cut into thin finger slices (you could cut off the crust, if you choose) and serve with your favorite tea.