This Hyper-Real Croc-Shaped Croissant Has Got Internet Talking
Image Credit: Instagram @dimda_

The internet is flooding with hyper-real food and we are all for the trend. Hyper-real foods are foods that are designed or shaped in a way that they resemble real-life objects. A few weeks back, a husband’s reaction to his wife’s cake that looked like chicken wings broke the internet, and now it is the ‘crocissant’ that is becoming the talk of the town.  

One of the recent tweets by @theglennisshow featured a rather delicious ‘croc’. She captioned the image, “you ok? You’ve barely touched your crocissant.” The meme is generally used for food items that are strange to look at, that you are wary of even touching.  

For the uninitiated, crocs are lightweight footwear, that is usually considered ideal for a casual day out, or a stroll on the beach because of the holes present on the body that prevent the sand or the seawater to stick inside the footwear.  

This hyper-real croissant was baked not only baked in shape of a croc, but also featured the holes, and the backstrap, that you usually see in every pair of crocs. The cute additions were those of the tiny croissants, and floral motifs made of butter that found a place on top of this lovely, golden-hued bread.  

Croissants are a breakfast staple across Europe. These breads are commonly associated with France, but are said to have Austrian origins. They are named so for their traditional crescent shape.  So how are the loyal croissant lovers taking the latest ‘croc’ shaped croissant? The reactions have been pouring from all over the world, some found an excellent opportunity to crack more croc-based puns, “my friend said, Betty Croc(ker)”, wrote a user. While some were even tempted to replicate it “Hahahah that’s incredible. Might try making one”, wrote another user.

If all of this has made you crave some hot and fresh croissants, then you are obviously not alone. Guess what? Croissants are incredibly easy to make at home, and here’s a recipe with which you can make the breakfast favourite without much fuss. All you need are a handful of ingredients like all-purpose flour, butter, milk, salt, sugar and dry yeast. Since croissants are baked, it would help to have a good oven too.