This Hyderabadi Bread Halwa Is The Easiest Sweet Dish You Can Prepare When Cravings Hit
Image Credit: Bread halwa is a simple quick-fix for your cravings

It’s 12 AM, everyone is asleep. You proudly refused to have dinner earlier in the evening and now your tummy is up for revenge. The growling noises wouldn’t even let you sit still, lying down is out of question. You sneakily walk up to the kitchen only to be met by an empty fridge. You turn your head and there's a loaf of bread lying around, for moments just like these. You pick up the bread and a you have an option of fixing yourself a quick sandwich, but what if we give you a recipe that will convince you to push the envelope a bit? That’s right. This bread halwa recipe will come in handy each time you need something sweet, it is ideal for oddly-timed cravings, and also ideal to serve to guests who show up without notice.

How To Make Bread Halwa  

Bread halwa, as you may have guessed, is a halwa made with milk, bits of bread, sugar and some dry fruits. Now for those untouched by the phenomenon of halwa, we must tell you that Indians have mastered the art of making halwa out of anything. Halwa is a porridge-like confection made with an array of ingredients like flour, lentil, nuts and even veggies. From gajar ka halwa to the outright bizarre Mirchi ka halwa, the range is mindboggling. This bread halwa is still one of the easiest and ‘safe’ experiments you can try your hands at.  

In this dessert, you have to cook bread with ghee and sugar until you get a rich, velvety confection. Throw in the cardamom powder for the sweet aroma, some cashews for the crunch and you are done. The Halwa is incredibly popular in Hyderabad (yes, the same place that gave us ‘double ka meetha’).

Here is the complete recipe of bread ka halwa that you can try at home today.