This Gold Silver Plated Paan Costing INR 760 Has Left The Internet Intrigued

Internet is an interesting place to be for anyone with any interest. Be it kitchen hacks, tips and tricks, art, dance, music, cute baby videos or outright bizarre ones. Internet is a vast place that keeps us both informed and entertained. And while there are many things to explore, it is the food videos that draws a lot of interest. Right from quick recipe videos, latest food combinations and food trends to simply bizarre street foods, content around food keeps us all intrigued. For instance, a latest viral video on social media has the internet amazed with its latest innovation- a gold and silver-plated paan! Yes, you read that right. 

In a video posted by Instagram user @thegreatindianfoodie, we can see a woman preparing the paan. She adds katha, masala, rose paste, chandan paste, and other ingredients of a paan on the leaf. Then tops it with three silver sheets. Above that, she adds what seems to be powdered coconut, a few candied pieces, lots of gulkand and then goes on to fold and seal the paan. Finally, she smears the gold sheet over the paan and serves it. According to the caption of the post by @thegreatindianfoodie, a piece of this paan costs INR 760, and is sold at Yamun Panchayat. Take a look at the video here: