This Giant Halwa Paratha From Nagpur Has The Internet Amused

If you ask me, if nothing the lockdown of 2020 and 2021 has given the world many new and unique recipes as people started cooking at home more. It has been so much fin looking at so many viral recipes and food trends. Right from Dalgona Coffee to Feta Pasta, 2020-2021 has been quite a thrilling year for the foodies. Across the year, we have seen people experimenting with different types of dishes. While some were simply delicious, others were bizarre to the core. Then there are viral videos featuring street foods that are simply too huge yet indulgent. Be it giant Kathi roll in Kolkata or Delhi's giant momo, there’s no dearth of huge foods. We found another such video that has taken the internet by storm. This time it is giant parathas that is taking foodies by surprise. Yes, you read that right. 

A street vendor from Nagpur has been selling giant parathas, with halwa on the side. While the size of the parathas is definitely what grabbed our attention, it was also the vendor’s style of cooking that had us surprised. Shared by Nagpur food bloggers Vivek and Ayesha on their Instagram handle 'eatographers', the video shows the street vendor taking handful of dough, rolling it with hand and stretching it to make it paper-thin. He does so by repeatedly slapping the stretched dough on a wooden slab. He then makes some tiny holes on the paratha with his fingers, to create air pockets that will prevent it from breaking. Isn't that an interesting hack? He then cooks the paratha in hot oil for deep frying for about a minute or two. He then with a ladle he takes the paratha out on a plate to serve. What surprised us is the ease with which he did all of it. Take a look at the video:

 Reportedly, this paratha is made out of 700gm dough that is mixed with 100gm dalda and salt. And for good or bad reasons, tis paratha is going quite viral on social media. It has already garnered over 95k views with several comments. It also garnered several comments – while some were surprised with the shopkeeper's cooking skill, some doubted the hygiene issue. Some were also confused whether it was a paratha or poori? 

"It's definitely big!" wrote one. Another person stated, "Badiya hai." A third comment read, "Kya baat hai." One user also joked, "Hygiene left the chat." 

What do you think about this giant halwa paratha? Let us know.