This Easy Hack To Peel Boiled Egg Is Sure To Make Your Life Easier
Image Credit: Peeling a boiled egg is one of the most frustrating task.

Eggs are definitely one food we can’t imagine our kitchen without. From quick breakfast meals to easy lunch or dinner, you know you are sorted if you’ve got some eggs in the fridge, isn’t it? On top of that, look at the many health benefits it comes with. It is known to be one of the richest sources of protein. Versatile, healthy and easy to cook, what more do you want? Boiled egg is one of the most popular snacks and breakfast options across many countries. It is not yummy but super healthy too and can be made without much hassle. The only cumbersome task however is, peeling a boiled egg. Doesn’t it take up much of your time, and patience? 

But if you too deal with the same frustration of peeling a simple boiled egg, don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect hack for it. What you need is just a spoon! Yes, you read that right. The process of this hack simply involves lightly breaking the topmost part of the boiled egg. As soon as the shell crumbles, remove some part of it, enough to slide-in the spoon. At this point, you’ll see that your spoon will slide further inside and the shell would begin to detach automatically from the egg. You just need to keep rotating the egg in circular motion to detach it from all parts smoothly. You will have a perfectly peeled egg in a matter of seconds! Take a look at the video:

The hack was shared on Instagram by the handle @mamainthekitchen and soon went viral. It has over 82k views since the time it was shared. Seems like lot many people have faced the frustration! Many users commented how they tried the hack and the results were on point. While others were simply surprised at the revelation. “Harvard wants to know your location” wrote a user by the name of sherry_1201.  

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