This Double-Cheese Tandoori Golgappa Goes Viral On The Internet; 5 Not-So Unusual Ways To Eat Cheese
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of Viral video/Instagram

The diverse street food of India is a sight to behold. Freshly-cut onions to be sprinkled on a plate of sev puri, tangy imly chutney drizzled on the chaat papdi hidden under dahi or spicy water loaded golgappas ready to be popped into one’s mouth. Didn’t the visuals just cross your mind too and weren’t you tempted to dive right into it? We know your answer would be affirmative because we can see you’re already drooling. That’s the charm of desi street food in our country. However, the same streets that serve these lip-smacking bites have also witnessed some of the most bizarre food experiments in the past. 

Take our humble golgappa for instance. Call it puchka, pani puri or simply golgappa, the thought of its taste is definitely going to make your mouth water each time. The same golgappa has been a victim of unusual food experiments time and again too. Some have dipped it in mirinda while some others have ruined another dish like maggi by stuffing it in the golgappa. Do we call it innovation or sheer abomination is something that we’re still trying to figure out. But while we’re at it, there is another trend that has created a rage in the street food market of India. Are you ready to take a look? 

Source: Mammi Ka Dhaba/Instagram 

An Indore-based street vendor is showcased selling a special ‘Double Cheese Golgappa’ and we can’t keep calm. This 100-gram golgappa is claiming to be one of the heaviest golgappas in the city. In the video, we can see that the vendor fills the golgappa with boiled potatoes, chana and chopped onions. Then, he drizzles some tandoori mayo onto the golgappa along with some imly chutney and oodles of whipped curd. Finally, he tops it all with copious amounts of grated cheese, chaat masala and some freshly chopped coriander leaves. Wait, it doesn’t end here. Just when we think it can’t get any more bizarre, he grates carrots and beetroot on the golgappas and adds some more cheese. 

This experiment, shared by Instagram user @mammi_ka_dhaba has garnered about 17K likes and 274K views in the past few days but has definitely left the netizens enraged who are requesting these people in the comments section to stop selling such unusual food combinations and ruining all the favourite dishes for us. 

Now, the golgappas that have been sacrificed for this abomination cannot be undone. Nevertheless, we do not want you to look at cheese weirdly so here are some cheese dishes that are not-so unusual and will provide you with some respite. 

1.  Chilli Cheese Toast 

Make a spicy and cheesy toast with this quick and easy recipe. Slather the slice of bread with cheese, chilli flakes, capsicum and onions. Top it with some finely chopped green chillies and toast it up in an oven for a few minutes. Your crunchy chilli cheese toasts are ready to be devoured. 

2.  Creamy Grilled Chicken And Cheese Sandwich 

Grilled sandwiches are crunchy, crispy and tasty. For me, any grilled sandwich is incomplete without cheese. Make a creamy mixture of shredded chicken, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Layer it on a slice of bread and grate some cheese on top of it. Top it with another slice and grill it well. 

3.  Cheese Paratha 

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of the bizarre food experiments. This cheese-stuffed paratha is actually a cheese lover’s dream come true. Grate some mozarrella cheese and mix chaat masala and coriander leaves with it. Roll out a dough of wheat flour and hollow it to fill it with a cheese mixture. Toss it on a tawa and cook till it turns golden-brown on both sides. 

4.  Mac And Cheese 

Craving a good bowl of macaroni? Cheese can be a perfect accompaniment for it. Load up the boiled macaroni with oodles of cheese and bake it in the oven till it gets a creamy and sticky texture. Wait for the cheese pull because that is going to leave you mind-blown.

5.  Chocolate Cheesecake 

This one might not use your regular cheese but is definitely a cheesy affair. Smooth and silky cream cheese mixed in a batter of cake gives the entire cake a velvety texture.