This Delhi Vendor’s 30-Egg Bhurji Has Taken The Internet By Storm
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

Eggs are undoubtedly an ideal breakfast option and we can't deny that. Filled with all essential nutrients to keep us energised throughout the day, eggs have remained one of the best breakfast options since times immemorial. From the simple sunny side up to the ever-favourite omelette, egg dishes have always become a part of our diets in different forms.

As a person who is quite conscious of her health, I have always relied on eggs for all the good reasons. I mean, who would want to ignore a breakfast that is filling, wholesome, nutritious and irresistibly delicious? Although all egg dishes are equally wholesome, my heart usually craves some desi flavours. The subtle spices along with the tomatoes and onions are enough to make my desi heart dance with joy. If you are desi at heart like me too, you must have understood the dish by now. Yes, I am talking about the OG anda bhurji. Bhurji lovers know that one serving of it is never enough. So, to satisfy die-hard bhurji lovers like us, this Delhi vendor has come up with a 30-egg bhurji. Take a look:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger @paidaishi_foodie, a Delhi street vendor is seen making anda bhurji with 30 eggs. He first adds a tikki of butter on a huge tawa, sauteed onions and tomatoes and proceeds to add eggs along with some spices. He begins to scramble the eggs and serves them with a drizzle of mayonnaise and garnish of chopped coriander leaves. 

Ever since the video was uploaded it has garnered around 1.8 million views, 92k likes and hundreds of comments from netizens around India. Although some netizens are impressed with the dish, most of them are displeased with the amount of butter that went into it. Take a look at the comments:

“Yeh log apne paise waste karte hai itna saara butter daal ke 😂😂”

“Nd here is ur plate full of cholesterol 😊”

“Bhai apke butter me anda gir gaya hai....😐”

If you want to relish this anda bhurji, head to Mithilesh Ande Waala, Tilak Nagar, Delhi. Do let us know how you like it.