This Delhi Eatery’s IPL-Special Menu Is A Tribute To India’s Regional Cuisines
Image Credit: Image: Monkey Bar Delhi

Cricket and food are perhaps two things that can always unite the people in India. I remember when tea lovers came together to defend the scathing attack on masala chai by an American blogger, and also whenever a foreigner calls Indian food unpalatable! Well, we are very protective of our cuisines and food culture, and let’s be honest, it deserves all the love. And so does cricket. I cannot forget India’s world cup matches when streets are literally empty and people are simply glued to their TV sets, be it at home, outside stores or at restaurants, bars and eateries that make sure to screen the match. That is exactly where food and cricket come together, and with each passing year the confluence is only getting deeper and better. Restaurants are launching special offers and menus around the cricket season, and the trend has only begun. 

With the IPL season currently on, there is a lot of excitement among cricket lovers and Monkey Bar Delhi is only making it better. The glass-domed restaurant in South Delhi is celebrating cricket frenzy nation’s passion, and has come up with a new IPL-themed menu that features all-rounder dishes representing every IPL team. Isn’t that amazing? I would say it is the perfect way to sample the best of regional delicacies from across India.