This Coffee From Odisha Is Transforming The Lives Of Tribals
Image Credit: Facebook

For all the caffeine addict coffee is nothing less than dope. The moment we think of great coffee from Indian we always think of the Chikmanaglur estates down south that are known to grow some of the best international standard coffee. But off late this one coffee from the western part of India; from Odisha has been in new for all good reasons. The Koraput coffee which sees a much unique blend that consist of 100% Arabica is almost at par with international standards. 

Korpaut happens to a place located in Eastern Ghats and it’s weather and soil makes it conducive for growing coffee. Interestingly the The Indian Coffee Board too has agreed to the expansion in Kalahandi, Rayagada and Kandhamal districts. The Arabica coffee beans that grows here is export quality. This organic coffee has acted as booster to help tribals helping them get a handsome income. The coffee beans/ seeds are given to the farmers from which they grow coffee plants. Lead by an able team, Koraput coffee uses only the premium-grade cherries that are handpicked and washed, sun-dried, and cured. The coffee is curated in the lab of Sunalini Menon from Coffee Lab; who is Asia's first woman professional in the field of coffee tasting. 

This coffee plantation was started by the Royals of Jeypore way back in 1930 as an experiment and today this has taken share owing to provide livelihood to many. Seeing the great quality of the beans Tata Coffee too has given a nod and has agreed to market the Koraput coffee to national and international markets. This naturally grown coffee is aromatic and smooth and sees a subtle aftertaste. A Koraput Coffee Cafe is also there now in Koraput district. The brand also sees a new product line “Tiger Bright”. This homegrown coffee, 100 per cent Arabica coffee is transforming lives of many tribals. A good competion to the global coffee flavours, this one is surely naming news.