This Chef's Mantra Is To Create Sensational Chocolate Sculptures Without Putting On Weight
Image Credit: Photo: Amaury Guichon

Does chef Amaury Guichon’s very own chocolate castle have dragons, elephants, eagles and robots? Take a look! 

The chef is busy rolling out masterpiece after masterpiece, using none other than deadly-tough chocolate skills that he has mastered over a long period of time. Photos of the creations have been posted on Facebook, where he has a total of 7.1 million followers, and Instagram, where he has a total of 3.8 million followers. 

The chef has been working very hard behind the scenes, spending hours and hours making the different designs like an Oompa Loompa in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Best of all, he seems to look rejuvenated by the art. We couldn’t help but notice his joy. Most followers swoon over the creations and drool over the thought of being surrounded by melted chocolate. But it takes a lot of commitment to do something extraordinary on that scale! This is pure magic!  

One has to really nurture oneself while investing one’s energy and learning the process day in day out. Any person who has set his eyes on doing something with diligence knows that Amaury Guichon’s chocolate-making art endeavour needs willpower, practice and one-track focus. The process itself is a journey of exploration of chocolate: may it be in its many forms like ganache and fondant, understanding the democratic role it plays, balancing the subtlety and complexity and so on. A new generation pastry chef, Amaury Guichon, has spent many years practising how to create artistic designs. He has been sharing bits and pieces of his continuously evolving craft through really precise videos and pictures on social media, since 2016. 

We can see through his account that the chef has made a chocolate eagle with 1700 chocolate feathers, chocolate sea turtles representing mother and baby swimming, a beautiful chocolate cello, the roulette and one of the most daunting projects…a chocolate lion! 

There are other extraordinary creations that were made using other ingredients such as raspberry chiboust, soft pistachio cremeux, compote and so on. 

Wondering how the chef learned how to make chocolate sculptures? France, indeed. Amaury Guichon has worked in Cannes and Paris. He also launched The Pastry Academy along with partner Michel Ernots in Las Vegas, where the academy offers courses such as ‘Chocolate Showpiece Masterclass’.